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May 22, 2017
Writing Feedback / Intended major and future goals and why you have chosen your field of interest [2]

Write a essay (150-200) describing ur intended major and future goals. Plz include why you have chosen your field of interest

making dreams a reality

It is said that " Should you have dreams or intentions for the future, let effort to make it real." I was 15 and I have had a lot of intentions for my future. One of them is being a spaceman. When I was a child I always want to have a trip to space, another distant planets. Being a spaceman, you must have a physical health. Before going out of the orbit, training a course which helps me practice to get used to weightless. In the earth, we are accustomed to gravity. Therefore, to have a trip to space, I must ensure that my health is good. There is no doubt that when out of the orbit, in the space trip to the other planets we must face not only with weightless but also boredom and loneliness because the trip will be taken for a longtime. For example, in 2015, scientists had found a planet which looks like our earth such as has water, plant, or air. However, it will take us approximate 83 thousand years to get to it. In fact, by now, it is impossible to land on that planet. On the other hand, I belive that scientists will find the easier and non-time-consuming way. Despite of difficulties, impossibility, I still want to be a spaceman for several reasons. First of all, I want to find out some interesting things about other planets, which are mysterious and never be found. Second of all, I can answer myself the question whether UFOs, aliens are true or not. Third of all, because of my curiousity. And finally, pollution in our Earth makes me want to get rid of that. On the whole word, being a spaceman is my dream, my intention in the future and I will try my best to make it come true.
May 20, 2017
Writing Feedback / Past or Future. Why not to move just forward? [2]

Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Lessons about past - an useless knowledge?

It is said that: " The past brings us many worthless lessons". It effects to our living in the present. Persionally, I disagree with the above statement for serveral reasons I am going to mention below.

-Firstly, I strongly support that " The past is the effortion for the present". Whatever you did in the past makes the result in the present or future. For example, my first exam at school, the mark was, although bad, I didn't give up and tried my best to have good mark for the next one. Thanks to failure in the past, you can get more success in the present.

-Secondly, I have heard that " If you are asleep in success, you won't find it be valuable to effort for the future.". As you know, the people, especcially, Vietnamese people usually enjoy their achievement then not continute to work. Due to that, they get more failures for the present. I find it really true that the more success you get, the less effortion you have. However, it doesn'n mean that the success we have in the past is break down our effortion in the present. You must ensure for not slepping in success. Moreover, learning about failure helps you gain more experience. To sum up, all we have now is one part of the past.

In conclusion, learning about the past has value for those of us living in the present. And if you take the past into effortion, you will get more success for your living in the present.

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