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Dec 3, 2018
Writing Feedback / IELTS writing task 2: This is an essay about reports of media - almost all bad news and emergencies [4]

Nowadays, there is a trend that reports of media focus on problems and emergencies rather than positive development. Some people think it is harmful to individuals and to society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

media should focus on positive development more

It is said that these days, the media tend to concentrate much on issues and emergencies instead of interesting in great development, which could be harmful to each person as well as society. In my perspective, I believe that this situation could have both negative and positive consequences.

On the one hand, there are certain merits of posting matters and emergencies on the media. In fact, the more problems aired on the television or the internet, the more people know about current serious issues and try to improve those ones. For instance, by showing largely huge problems of climate changes in the mass media, most people in the world minimized using motor vehicles and started to travel by bicycle. Additionally, reporting many nasty accidents is an efficient way to raise people's awareness about their safety when they go outside. In fact, if people have seen a car crash lately, they would have been completely careful when they drive in order to not have similar accident.

On the other hand, this trend could be considered detrimental consequences for several reasons. Firstly, compared to report about positive changes providing useful information could help people expand their horizon, the focus of bad news and difficulties might affect badly people's mind. For example, many residents who have been living in my hometown started to make demonstrations or riots against the government after they watched a news program talking about the disadvantages of a recently built company. Secondly, if children watch several bad news or crimes on the television, they may grow up with a tendency to violence. For example, a kid regularly hearing the news or reading article about terrorism or violent crimes, they would tend to intimidate and bully other ones when they are not educated well.

In conclusion, although reports about bad news and emergencies have several negative consequences, I still believe that this trend would be beneficial in certain extent.

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