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Aug 18, 2019
Scholarship / Applied for a scholarship at South Korea with the GKS program to study culinary arts. Further plans. [2]

study plan for GKS scholarship - korea

I would apreciate if someone could tell me if my ideas need reorganizing or if I missed an important topic I should mention, sorry for the long read, let me know what you think.

My name is Javier Rivas, I am a senior student at Liceo Javier, expected to graduate on October of this year. I have applied for a scholarship at South Korea with the GKS program to study culinary arts. I plan to go and study in Korea and then come back to Guatemala and open my own restaurant.

My background
I was born in the year 2002 in the city of Guatemala. In 2007 I started studying in Liceo Javier, I have now been studying there for almost thirteen years and I will graduate on October of the current year (2019). I have been interested in culinary arts for many years now; it has been one of the only careers I have been interested in, not because I wouldn't like an academic career, but because cooking has always been one of my greatest passions, and I would love to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

Why I choose to study in the Kyung Hee University
The Kyung Hee University is one of the top universities of South Korea, and its department of culinary arts has many years of experience in teaching students. Studying in such a highly ranked university has always been one of my dreams. I also chose this program because I think that the courses in this career will be very useful for me once I graduate. The curriculum for this career includes food service management, and some other courses focused on managing restaurants, learning this will teach me to run a restaurant.

Why I choose to study in the Woosuk University
The Woosuk University offers a curriculum that fits perfectly with my study goals, it does not only include many different cooking skills and services, but it also include restaurant management courses and food service related courses that are useful when running a business. I also choose this university for its highly ranked professors and its enjoyable atmosphere.

Detailed study plan
The culinary arts and food service management career in the kyung hee university is four years long, taking into consideration that the GKS program includes a year for learning the Korean language, my five year study plan is listed as follow:

First year (2020)
This first year I will get to learn the Korean language, I have already started practicing, but I still have a long way to go. My goal during this year is to achieve a medium-to-high level of Korean in the proficiency test.

Second year (2021)
After having learned the language, I will be ready to study in South Korea. This year I must put all of my effort into studying and adapting to a different lifestyle. I must also follow the instructions given to me by the university and by the GKS program in order to be allowed to continue studying overseas. By the end of this year I must have perfected my Korean and made friendships with other students so I can fit into this program.

Third and fourth year (2022-2023)
These two years will be solely focused on my studies, by this time I must have already fitted in the culture and have a normal life as a student. I must have also already proven that I can follow instructions and get along with the people surrounding me. My goal during these years will be to get all the credits I need during each semester and also get the highest grades I can in order to make the most of my studies.

Fifth year (2025)
This will be the last year of the scholarship, this year I must also focus on getting good grades in order to be able to graduate. My goal by this time will be to have enough experience so I can go back to my country and open my own restaurant. Even though this might not happen immediately after I get back, I must already know all of what I need to know and have enough experience in order to open and manage a restaurant.

Plan after graduation
After graduation, my long term plan is to open my own restaurant in Guatemala, this will be an Asian inspired restaurant, after having studied in Korea, I would like to put my knowledge into practice by creating a menu that offers Korean dishes. In order to open a restaurant, I understand I will need to have enough savings, so I plan to first get a job in a food-related business, I believe that by that time, my Korean education background would make me competent enough to find a job at anything I set out to do. After saving enough money I will proceed to start my own business and open a Korean restaurant in Guatemala City.
Aug 18, 2019
Scholarship / Earning the role - Leadership and influence (Chevening Scholarship) [4]

I was shocked by the introduction, it was a nice mix of anecdote and self description.
though, I would recommend switching the first sentence to:
"Leadership is not ... and customers" -Robin S. Sharma.

it is easier to read a quote this way and it makes a stronger introduction.

try to switching words in order to sound more professional, I mean, use more advanced words,donĀ“t try to talk as if you were speaking to a friend. instead always think you are speaking with your boss
Aug 4, 2019
Scholarship / Study plan to improve foreign language (Korean, English) - Korean Scholarship 2020 [2]

instructions: study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc.) required for taking bachelorĀ“sn degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea


As a resident of Guatemala, I don't usually speak English with other people, apart from some rare occasions where I speak with a foreign person. However, I have been learning this language for more than ten years, my parents have always believed that learning English will open doors for me and give me many opportunities that I could not get any other way. I have not only studied English in school, I also attended to English courses for two years every Saturday (2015-2016). I believe that this taught me a lot and now I have enough knowledge to write and speak English correctly. Plus, reading books, watching movies and listening to music has also taught me new words and phrases, so this is always a "passive" way for me to keep learning.

Korean is a whole different story; I hadn't been interested in learning Korean until I found out about this scholarship. Right now I am practicing it with the "duolingo" app in my phone, but I have only made a little progress, the hardest part tight now is memorizing the Hangul alphabet letters. So, in order to learn Korean, I have made the following plan.

Since the GKS program offers a year of learning the Korean language before taking the student to Korea, I am going to take this year and learn the most I can in order to get a good grade in the TOPIK test. I will put effort into learning how to read, write and speak the language until I can communicate with Korean-speaking people. During this time I will also keep learning the language using the duolingo app and I will try to read books and watch movies in Korean, so I can improve my skills and learn the idioms used by Korean citizens.

After doing this for a year, if I manage to get a sufficient score in the TOPIK test, I will go to Korea and start my studies. I believe that during this time I will make a lot of progress in improving my Korean skills; I will not only be speaking the language every day, but I will also be reading books and working on assignments in Korean.

After four years of studying in the country, I believe I will have already learned all of what I needed to learn about the language; if I manage to complete my studies it means that I am competent enough to write, read and speak Korean. But even so, I still think I will stay some more time in the country after completing my studies, (I am not sure if I will stay there for a while longer or if I will come home and then travel again) I want to stay for some time and work there so I can learn how to manage a business the same way Korean people do. So, during this time I will also finish polishing my Korean speaking skills.
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