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Study plan to improve foreign language (Korean, English) - Korean Scholarship 2020

pato_rivasN 2 / 2  
Aug 4, 2019   #1
instructions: study plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc.) required for taking bachelorĀ“sn degree course BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea


As a resident of Guatemala, I don't usually speak English with other people, apart from some rare occasions where I speak with a foreign person. However, I have been learning this language for more than ten years, my parents have always believed that learning English will open doors for me and give me many opportunities that I could not get any other way. I have not only studied English in school, I also attended to English courses for two years every Saturday (2015-2016). I believe that this taught me a lot and now I have enough knowledge to write and speak English correctly. Plus, reading books, watching movies and listening to music has also taught me new words and phrases, so this is always a "passive" way for me to keep learning.

Korean is a whole different story; I hadn't been interested in learning Korean until I found out about this scholarship. Right now I am practicing it with the "duolingo" app in my phone, but I have only made a little progress, the hardest part tight now is memorizing the Hangul alphabet letters. So, in order to learn Korean, I have made the following plan.

Since the GKS program offers a year of learning the Korean language before taking the student to Korea, I am going to take this year and learn the most I can in order to get a good grade in the TOPIK test. I will put effort into learning how to read, write and speak the language until I can communicate with Korean-speaking people. During this time I will also keep learning the language using the duolingo app and I will try to read books and watch movies in Korean, so I can improve my skills and learn the idioms used by Korean citizens.

After doing this for a year, if I manage to get a sufficient score in the TOPIK test, I will go to Korea and start my studies. I believe that during this time I will make a lot of progress in improving my Korean skills; I will not only be speaking the language every day, but I will also be reading books and working on assignments in Korean.

After four years of studying in the country, I believe I will have already learned all of what I needed to learn about the language; if I manage to complete my studies it means that I am competent enough to write, read and speak Korean. But even so, I still think I will stay some more time in the country after completing my studies, (I am not sure if I will stay there for a while longer or if I will come home and then travel again) I want to stay for some time and work there so I can learn how to manage a business the same way Korean people do. So, during this time I will also finish polishing my Korean speaking skills.
isabellal - / 1 1  
Aug 4, 2019   #2

-Don't talk about your bad points, don't say that it's hard to learn Korean or anything like that.
-Learn more about the scholarship, the Korean study year is done in Korea.
-Stop using "if" and "I'm not sure", be positive and objective.

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