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Aug 6, 2022
Writing Feedback / IELTS writing task 2 - topic: who should be accountable for the environmental protection? [3]

hi, I'm not a professor, but I'm hoping this will help you.
Your essay includes too many details and the limitation of the IELTS writing is just about 250 words.
You need to understand the IELTS format. In this kind of writing, you have to answer directly whether you agree or not in the beginning part. Overall part has to include the main ideas and need to be focused.

However, I am really impressed by your level of vocab
Aug 4, 2022
Writing Feedback / Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being famous individual [2]

Hi, I am learning IELTS, I come here to improve my writing skill which I have been painfully poor. thanks for helping.


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

We live in an age when the shiny lights from the professional digital cameras are too bright and the celebrities become more popular. There is an opinion that being famous can give a lot of advantages while others hold a different viewpoint about this matter. In my opinion, although there are some advantages to being a star, this career can affect a lot of people's lives.

On the one hand, there are a lot of benefits of being famous. Firstly, the relationships of stars will be prone to disaster because we all know that numerous influencers do not have time for their family and friends. This leads to them having a toxic environment and fake friends. What is more, this career can be paid unwanted attention such as anti fan criticising or stalkers and paparazzi who can follow you everywhere which make you feel annoyed and violate privacy. Additionally, there are also many depressions of being famous, because of a heavy schedule and intense work. The celebrities have to be perfect all the time to create a good public image and they eventually have to compete with others for the spotlight. Everyday, influencers have to face a lot of problems. That is why everyone asserts that showbiz is so dramatic and complicated.

On the other hand, being famous also provides some advantages. In specific, normal people can easily turn into the rich when they are superstars. Moreover, they become stunning with flashy clothing, they can go to different places of interest and so on. Furthermore, the celebrities have the special treatment, they can earn a lot of loves from fan and live with protected life.

In conclusion, although there are plentiful positive aspects that come with being famous individual. One can not overlook the major drawbacks that come with it.