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Sep 16, 2023
Scholarship / "gks-u 2024 "media and communication:my interests and motivations" personal statement" @holt [2]


On October 14, 2019, I received my first ever call to the principal's office. As a student in the ninth grade, I began speculating as to why she would want to meet me since I was not notified of the reason. I immediately relaxed when I saw her wide smile as I walked into the office. I was informed that I had won one of the largest international film festivals, the United Nations' "Peace in the streets global film festival." I received an invitation to the award ceremony in the US, and my school also offered to cover the cost of my travel there. I was over the moon as I was raised in a middle-class joint family and had never even taken a flight before. My mother never had the chance to go to college and wanted me to have all the opportunities that she did not get. Unfortunately, I had to miss the ceremony because my passport could not be completed in time, but I will always treasure the moment I told her I had won the prize and the sheer pride on her face.

My journey into the world of cinema began as a mere fascination but quickly transformed into a lifelong commitment. Winning the Peace in the streets global film festival award was not just a testament to my dedication; it was a testament to the power of storytelling. Through countless hours spent behind the camera, I learned to craft narratives that crossed boundaries and connected people from diverse cultures. Film became my medium for exploring different cultures and understanding the human experience on a global scale.

In the summer of 2020, as the world grappled with an unprecedented lockdown, I found myself standing at the crossroads of isolation and inspiration. The confines of my room became the canvas upon which I would practice my hobbies and aspirations. As I embarked on this journey of self-growth, I started looking into various cultures as I had always loved travelling. I had learnt French in school and wanted to learn an Asian language next. After some online cultural explorations, I noticed various similarities between India and Korea-The respect given to adults, the love for singing and dramatic shows and a lot more! I learnt "Hangeul"-the Korean alphabet and basics of Korean and loved every bit of it.

I have always loved learning new things and that is why when I saw that Psychology was offered as a subject by my school, I applied to study it. Human behavior has always fascinated me and I wanted to see how the mental processes of Homosapiens work. I had won various scholar badges throughout my senior years of high school and always stood within the top 3 in my classes. In grade 12th CBSE Boards, with dedication and unwavering commitment, I earned the title of the school topper and stood 1st in my class, having scored 98.4%. I also appeared in the topper's list of my state, Delhi, which led me to win various merit awards too.

But life is more than just numbers on a report card; it is about weaving experiences that paint the canvas of our memories with vibrant colors. As the captain of my school, I assumed the responsibility of guiding more than 250 students. This role allowed me to learn, to grow, and to become a beacon of guidance for my peers. It was through leadership that I received the "Best Leaders Award" in my school, a recognition of my ability to inspire and motivate others. I have always been an active participant of extracurricular activities. I feel that they are pivotal in shaping a well-rounded individual. I enjoy stage acting and due to my passion for acting, I garnered accolades such as the "Best in Stage Acting", showcasing my theatrical abilities. In the realm of music, I was a pianist in my school band and achieved recognition at the district and state level orchestra. My love for art and artistic endeavors led me to be honored as the "Best Artist" in my school. Additionally, I've dedicated time to several NGOs, broadening my horizons and contributing to society. These experiences clearly define my multifaceted personality and shape me as who I am today.

Mass media and communication are integral components of our contemporary society, shaping the way we perceive, interact with, and understand the world. Korea's unique blend of traditional values and cutting-edge technology has positioned it as a global leader in the media industry.. This environment offers an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the rapidly evolving media landscape, and I am eager to be a part of it.

One of the most compelling reasons I am drawn to study in Korea is the strong emphasis on practical experience and hands-on learning in Korean educational institutions. The prospect of working alongside experienced professionals and having access to state-of-the-art facilities excites me immensely. Moreover, I am eager to immerse myself in the rich Korean culture and language, as I believe it will not only enhance my academic experience but also provide me with a unique perspective on global media and communication trends.

Korea's dedication to global outreach and cultural diplomacy is also a major factor in my decision. I am impressed by Korea's ability to export its culture and ideas worldwide, and I want to understand the mechanisms behind this success. By studying in Korea, I hope to not only gain knowledge and expertise but also contribute to bridging cultural gaps and promoting international understanding through the power of media and communication.

In addition to my academic aspirations, I am committed to actively engaging with the local community and contributing to cross-cultural exchanges. The GKS program's focus on fostering international relationships aligns perfectly with my goals. I am confident that my presence in Korea will not only enrich my personal growth but also create lasting connections and friendships that transcend borders.
Sep 16, 2023
Undergraduate / Essay about telling the story that shaped my characters [3]

I feel like you did not understand the topic you had to write about. This seems like a random memory you have rather than an incident which shaped your identity!
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