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Apr 21, 2010
Writing Feedback / What factors do you think influence news editors' decisions? [4]

News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers.What factors do you think influence these decisions?do we become used to bad news?would it be better if more good news was reported?

There are several factors that make impact on the quality of television programes or articles of newspapers.From my point of view, to decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers, news editors need to consider from many aspects such as: the suitability of information,updated information ...

First of all, we might seek the most updated information to supply for these programes. If you broadcast an event that happened two or three days ago on current affair programe then you would end up this programe forever. Audience of newspapers require to read lastest information,hotest events and they just buy newspapers which can meet their demands accordingly. Therefore, compopers are to be choose the most updated information for broadcasting and printing.

Secondly, how suitable is that information also play an important role in these decisions. It might be considered the suitability of expenditure, time,type of a programe as well.. Obviously, money involvement could become big concerns unless they are smoothly solven().For instance,when a television game is broadcast, it is followed by lots of expense like:worker wages,managing cost,present for players to name just a jew.Thus, news editors must have be very good at arranging time and expenditure for broadcasting programes.Besides, appropriate time and type of information could make a very large influence on the printed articles.Therefor,the suitability could be vert important.

To sum up,there are lots of factor that influence the decision to broadcast on television or print in newspaper.However,news editors need to be aware of how they effect the quality of those programes.Bad news or good news should be equally considerd as long as they reflect truths and current society.But to some extent,good news could contribute to build a better society and a more peaceful world.
Apr 19, 2010
Writing Feedback / I think that wealthy nations are not required to share wealth among poor nations [7]

i am so grateful to be corrected with my first essay!! Thanks all of you so much for your help!

greantea93..: I intended to write another argument passage as the form of argumentative essay but i can not finish it in 40 minutes so i have left it to the conclusion,:((,I am trying to notive this later,thank you!
Apr 16, 2010
Writing Feedback / I think that wealthy nations are not required to share wealth among poor nations [7]

Any one could help me? I am staring writing an essay and i find so many difficulties in catch up time and use variety of word as well grammar structure. I could be very thankful if someone can help me with this.


Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poor nations by providing such things as food and education? or it is the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?

In my opinion, the governments of poor nations have to be responsible for looking after their citizen's themselves.Since it is their own responsibilities and benefits in managing and conducting countries.

First of all, looking for citizens is the most important responsibilities of governments.The governments are established to represent for their people,their nations in the world.Hence,the government always work for the benefits of countries and people of their countries.People are the most treasured assets of countries and they needed to be lived,educated and behavioured equally.If the governments can not take care their own citizens,they then can not take care their own countries

Secondly ,looking after people of their countries is the governments' benefits as well.Unless their people are healthy , educated and wealth,countries will soone decline and get poorer.This has the same meaning with the collapse of the governments .On the other hand,if governments do well in managing people,give back and support to the poor,promote the rich,the governments then build an ideal society without social evils and diseases; as the result,they will be happier !

Above these reasons,some wealthy nations still should back poorer ones with food and education to some extent due to a peaceful and perfect world.The world can only be better built and rich nations can only built a perfect world when they make considerable contributions to the world and poorer countries.Consequently,sharing their wealth to poor nations is the appropriate works to the peace and sustainable developments globally.

Overall, each countries have to try to develop their countries and look after their citizens themselves.It is their own responsibilities in building and constructing nations .Backs from wealthier countries are just temporary aids for them in certain situations.