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Sep 11, 2011
Writing Feedback / "a nail technician is not an easy and pleasant job" - why I dislike my job [2]

My topic is dislike my job

When I was young, I wished I can be a nail technician, so I can paint on my own nails. People always says, "a nail technician is a healthy and beautiful professional, who works to improve and decorate a client nails. Now, I dislike being a nail technician because the salon has strongly fumed of a number of chemicals, my co-workers are unpleasant, and the customers are rude.

First, the nail salon that I work has a strongly fume of artificial nail products. The nail products chemical can affect a human health if he or she has been working in a long time period. The nails product ingredients contain a huge amount of chemicals that are suspected to cause cancer and birth defects. Also, the nail dusts are scattered everywhere and on the superficial of our skin, which makes our skin inflammation and irritating. Unfortunately, we have to hold on our breath to work on some overdue clients nails; however, the fungus nails odor had turned off my inclination that I want to finish her nails in a minute.

Second, I hate to working with my co-workers because their behavior is unpleasant. For example, my co-workers are indolent to organize their nail stations ready for the next customer's. Of course, we need to wash our hands before work on another client; on the other hand, they seemed reluctantly to do so. Even more, I do not like my co-workers are gossiping about other people, such as complaining how crazy of the customer was and had given her a hard time by spoke her native language and telling other untruthful story.

Thirdly, I had focused on how to deal with my rude customers, which makes me the most stressful. I am worry my boss is blame on me that I did not gave my client's a right service. Although customers are our life source in business, we have to do our best to make a client satisfy. In contrast, the number of customers are appearing at our salon everyday to keep maintain her nails without a charge. Furthermore, I had one customer I would not ever forget her in my life. She was about forty year-old, a black lady, come to our salon wanted to get her eyebrow done. Unfortunately, it was my turned to work on her. During the consultation, we were discussed how did she wants her eyebrow done, and she agreed how I was going to do. After the ten minutes passed by, I hung a mirror for her. She was upset because I did not do the way she wanted. Consequently, she was swore at me and rejected to pay for the service. Perhaps, some of the clients love to spend their free time staying with us. After we had finished polishing her beautiful nails, she said she did not fall in love with the color she picked and expected we can redo the whole polish procedure on her nails. I just wondered she was just said, "I love this color," when I sampled on her first nail.

Obviously, being a nail technician is not an easy and pleasant job. I had admire and understood some nail technicians had been working ten years or even longer; they had learned all the lessons, like smell the chemical odor, facing their co-workers drama, and dealing with the rude customers. Hopefully, I wish I can have enough money to open my own business so that I can say goodbye to everything about nails.
Oct 27, 2010
Writing Feedback / Hawaii and Georgia - life comparison. Idea about conclusion? [2]

Since I had lived in Hawaii and Georgia in the past few years; these two cities had let me seen many differences between the both. Georgia is a very big city; it had grown into a great urban mass filled with industries, buildings, interstate highways, and lots of people. This busy city has making people are usually in a hurry and have a lot of things to do throughout the day. The traffic could takes people awhile to drive from one place to another. Georgia has more career developmental opportunities; young people are easily to seek a job at the banks, hotels, cooperation companies, etc. On the other hand, Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1470 miles north of the Equator; it seems like a tiny state. Honolulu is a capital of Hawaii; it still maintains a city, but which is not that prosperous as people can think. Hawaii remains quite calm where its Hawaiian takes it easy and slow; mostly people would like to hang at the beautiful beaches or go to shopping with family or friends. The transportations are very convenient, people either can catch a bus or ride a bike; it would not take too long from one place to different place. The business industries in Hawaii is seems bearish since Hawaiians are relying on tourist industry where its people hard to get qualify at a job.