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Jun 6, 2011
Writing Feedback / Country's technology versus traditional skills - IELTS [5]

I would be grateful to anyone who corrects this essay.

"Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic.

When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and keep them alive.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence."
(IELTS Cambridge 3. Page 52)

It is not rare to see that the traditional skills and ways of life, as valuable cultural relics of a nation, are disappearing far away from the modern society. Obviously, the prevalence of such phenomenon will probably worry many cultural organizations. Thus, despite its certain drawbacks and defects, I do strongly support the idea that it is significant to try and keep the traditional skills and ways of life alive. There are mainly three conspicuous aspects I would like to explore in this essay.

First of all, from a personal and psychological perspective, there is no denying that various traditional skills are essence of a local culture. This is especially true when it comes to the area of traditional arts. To be more precise, numerous ancient architectures illustrates a nation's aesthetic value and religious belief. Cathedrals, highlighted by Gothic style in the Medieval, represent Christianity. Pagodas, totally different from cathedrals stylistically, are a symbol of Buddhism. Though it is difficult to touch our culture or religion by our own hands, we can learn it directly from these sorts of architectures.

It might also be noted that the speed of the development of our technology is increasing rapidly. Even the people in developed countries can not catch up with it. And there are many bad side of new technology. Just as is clearly indicated by numerous scientific researches and public surveys in China, as a result of emerging technology, we destroy environment, in addition we suffer from such destruction. If we kept and spent under the traditional ways of life, this problem would never occur, and we can have a healthy and simple life.

Aside from the foregoing two provisions, however, lies a deeper fact that some traditional skills are often synonymous with low productivity. For example, some labor intensive industries like textile had been substituted by machines. Most of processes relying on hands of workers now can be finished efficiently by enginery controlled by computers. The original weaving skills together with the old manual loom have been fading out gradually. Just for this case or likewise, it is no necessary to spend money to keep the undeveloped status.

In conclusion, the traditional skills and ways of life should be definitely advocated in today's day and age, especially for the reasons of cultural protection and living a simple and healthy life. Yet, it is even more desirable and probably more essential overall to improve the productivity of the traditional skills.
Jun 6, 2011
Writing Feedback / Essay about Notepads that changes school life [7]

First reason was whenever my teachers gave a lesson , I would take down notes on my notepad and this helped me to pay attention during classes.

Second reason was when teachers gave me assignments, I would note down on my notepad to make sure I would not forget there were assignments to submit on certain days.

The last reason was that I was able to make full use of my study time when I wrote down my study plan on my notepad to prevent myself from procrastinating.

I will browse through those old used notepads andreminisce about my past school life.

May 25, 2011
Writing Feedback / 'High costs' - IELTS International sporting occasions [3]

Hi everyone, this is my IELTS essay. Pls read it and give me some comments. Thanks:

Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

For years we have been accustomed to seeing people from different countries getting together at some popular events like football World Cup and other international sporting occasions. Apparently it seems that scenes alike provide us a unique and convenient way to communicate and have fun. Thus, despite its certain drawbacks and defects, I do strongly support the idea that well-know sporting events are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. The reasons are chiefly as follows.

First of all, from a personal and psychological perspective, it is generally accepted that such championship would definitely generate connectivity and encourage continuity in communication among the competing nations, which is priceless for the international interaction. In other words, the contestants from diverse countries have to contact or complete with each other in the competition. History is replete with such examples. In the year of 1971, American and Chinese Ping-Pong teams both participate the 31th World Table Tennis Championships in Nagoya. Further, China invited the team and accompanying journalists set foot in Chinese capital, who were the first American sports delegation that had come to China since 1949. Then the event marked a thaw in U.S.-China relations that paved the way to a visit to Beijing by president Richard Nixon.

Apart from the one I have mentioned above, another equally important aspect is that, to attain the same end, sporting events can simply arouse one's activity and initiative, enlivening the formerly boring and tedious interactive process among different countries. The fanfare surrounding the Olympic Games and other international competitions show that sporting events are a common interest that is universal throughout the world. We can see that, during the period the World Cup takes place, most people all over the world, even the ones who do not like football, are concentrated on their countries results in this tournament. On the contrary, changed, there is a broad consensus that ordinary people, especially young people are not interested in politics. Because of this, sports rise above international politics or outside issues and are a relatively peaceful pursuit.

Nevertheless, it must be realized that international sporting events that capture the world's attention is often synonymous with high cost. The cost of hosting a major sporting event has increased significantly in recent years. It includes, not only, all the investment but also the heightened security. It is hard to meet these costs through sponsorship and ticket sales alone. Therefore, it can lead to higher taxes for the local population.

In a word, popular events are definitely indispensable in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way, especially for the reason of communication among competing nations and the common interest to the masses. However, it is even more desirable, and probably more essential overall if we can cut down the expenses of the major sports events.