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Dec 14, 2008
Undergraduate / Conflicts between dream and reality; SOP [2]

"How did the education policies interact with the process education reform", the question has stayed in my mind for years, drives me to look for further study. The dream career of my early life was to be the best teacher in the school since I have had memory. The six years spending on teacher preparation and five years in education practice gave me conflicts between dream and reality world. As one of rare recipients of awarding fellowship by the government, I will do my best on the way of being a professional educational policy analyst and scholar.

(I am an international applicant, please tell me if I have any grammatical mistakes in this paragraph.)

Thanks a lot.
Nov 10, 2008
Writing Feedback / The expansion of higher education from 1970~2000; leadership of the Presidents [2]

Well, Let me talk about my aim of essay writing a little bit. I am a international student and have to answer some essay questions for on-line application in education field. Thanks for your grammar advice. it's helpful.

Here is my "research experience", I would like to talk about one of my works which is related to my future study. I wrote a paragrpah like this:


With Louise's instruction, I analyzed the expansion of higher education in from 1970~2000, and discussed leadership of the Presidents among 83 universities. Using the transformational leadership theory, semi-structure interviews, quantitative method to inquiry the effectiveness of Presidents' leadership. The toughest part was to get the valid samples as many as possible. Due to the lack of official integrated contact list, I searched the websites of 83 universities to get head staffs and faculties' email addresses. Moreover, I established the electronic questionnaire and on-line database to keep their responses confidential. Through it, I got to know how complicated and opaque the dual system, academic and administrative in the higher education are. By my hardship, my thesis was acceptable and published in the National Graduate Conference in 2007.
Nov 9, 2008
Graduate / About the description of study experience [3]

Hi there, one of my friends gave me this nice website for asking advice on academic writing. I wrote my study experience in my sop. Plz give me some suggestions of my sentences.

As having substantial studying in UCC, My professor,Mac, is well known for his enthusiasm of general education.By learning with him,what inspired me was the mission held by the Presidents in Harvard shaped its unique curriculum. Even there's non-stopping debate on general or professional oriented in the campus, they believed that university is not only a vocation preparation but a place for developing liberal men.If I have a chance, I'd like to undertake this research again since the curriculum design in Harvard has been modified recently,and its next-step development attracts me.