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Oct 12, 2012
Writing Feedback / SAT: disagreement makes progress [2]

Sometimes it is only with consonance will we progress our proposal. Because we want to get credit and dare not to take risks processing what had been put down by the majority. To many of us, to undertake "invalid" projects is to be victims of repudiation. However, as for me, progressing disagreements is not annoying; rather, it has benefits.

First of all, dissonance is the source of innovation. According to Steven Jobs's famous saying, "it is necessary to process your project when two or three people confirm your idea, but it is too late to process when more than seven people agree on that." His point of view gives us a perspective that innovation lies in what the majority is not in favor of. From the general review of the history, a lot of pioneers of note all illustrate the point that disagreement is necessary to progress. For example, Van Gogh, a post-impressionist, only received reputation posthumously. His early style of paintings was a fusion of different schools of impressionism, but it finally became a style of his own. This was not a good omen because he was out of fame during his life and was disdained of his somewhat abstract style. Despite the silent disagreement and his intermittent insanity, he insisted on painting every time he was sane. And of course, his groundbreaking style was now highly regarded and his masterpieces were well preserved in museums.

In addition, contemporaries' disagreements are not always valid: they do not have clairvoyance or they just want to be conservative, yielding to conform to the majority. For instance, J.K.Rowling's first book of Harry Potter series was sent to eight publishers before it was eventually considered. At that time, in order to get lucrative business, publishers only issued books which had already cratered readers need. Rowling's fantasy book seemed not more than a failure. However, this controversial series had turned out to be a huge success.

Since disagreements represent inspiration; since dissonances of the majority may be injustice, it is necessary to process projects which others do not see with. At least, we can see if we deserve to try.
Aug 26, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'improve and evolve' - SAT: to learn from the past in order to understand the present [2]

Tomorrow is always another day to face new challenges, which derived from small blocks such as seeking ways to solve unfamiliar Math problems to dealing interpersonal relationships with co-workers and higher-ups. Impediments sometimes make our stuff-with-challenge life messy; however, a glimpse of perspectives from the past improves our situations in present.

First of all, studying from the past sets the stage for an easier life. In other words, past experiences let us save troubles and get experiences which help improve problems. For example, Tomas Edison, a person with larger-than-life personality, traveled through more than 1000 trails and failures before he could finally invent the groundbreaking light bulbs which have lightened the whole world ever since. It is from his previous work that the invention of light bulbs could improve a little every time he took up another try. And it is his drawing on the experiences of past failures that paved the road for his success.

Furthermore, past histories help to trace the cause of the phenomenon happened in the present. That is past let us better understand the present. At the sight of history, the block of the drainage systems on streets and flee ways caused the repairing and improving of those systems; the reduction selling of out of fashion mobile phones provokes the innovations of designs and functions in order to be competitive; the ignominy of dynasty's corruption stimulated the reform and opening-up policy to avoid recommit the same error. The echoes of past still resonate and influence on the instant. Also, past is an integral part of our history. Our ancestors painstakingly not record almost all the significances in history for nothing; carrying on the history is our duty and we are also obligated to pass on to our offspring.

Our lives are not so perfect; they are built up with various difficulties. Studying from the past help to improve and evolve from the situations happened nowadays. Since it is of great benefit to get experiences from the past, it is necessary to learn from it.
Aug 10, 2012
Writing Feedback / Censorship is eradicating social partisan [3]

Our ancestor had travelled through the time when servants existed should absolutely devote to their hosts; when upper class had the invalid privilege to oppress people whom they thought were inferior to them; when money gave relish to eclipsing truth, in some cases to surreptitiously easing the truth. As people deplored the partiality of society, censorship, an institution considered to couple with rectitude, erected and mushroomed in almost every country. Prosecution gives equality and righteous to citizens reclined to laws nowadays; however, it still let them down to some extent.

Members in censorship are sometimes remiss in their duties. In other words, investigators may not make efforts to veil the crime and excavate the truth. I still remember a movie whose plots were derived from a true affair. In this movie, a woman called Stella lost her child and then she reported this incident to the police. In order to quickly wind up this case and extricate the massive and complicated search of her child, the police gives an emollient reply that they prevaricate the woman with a boy whom they found wandering around. Before the police gives the child to Stella, they warned the child that if he does not admit that he is her child, he will be sent to prison. Will a mother possible to fail in distinct her child from the crowd? The answer is obvious. If she can hardly see or hear her child, she can actually feel her child. However when Stella denys to accept a unfamiliar child, the child's diction and some other fabrication are used by police to convict Stella of being a psycho. It is a paradox that a system of lionized impartiality would be the culprits itself, yielding to simplifying matters and saving troubles rather than sticking to just.

Censorship is born to eradiate social partisan and censorship itself is a means of advancing human morality. Nevertheless, it is the members who run the censorship should attentive to their duty to really benefit people.
Aug 9, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'children play too much computer games?' - IELTS exam criteria [4]

Some think that computer games are dangerous for children in every way; others think that computer games help children's development. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, computer is playing an increasingly pivotal role in children's education. However, an issue whether computers games are harmful to children or not came to people's mind recently. As far as I am concerned, views on this issue vary from person to person. Before giving my opinion, it is quite indispensable to look at the argument on both sides.

People, who support that computer games are dangerous for children, giving some following reasons. To begin with, children may learn some violence from computer games. As far as I known, some popular computer games are full of violence, which will drive the crime rate. For example, if children argue with some others and have no effective measures to solve it, they may fight with these people. In additional, computer games will influence children's study. Children spend more time on computer games, so they are likely to have not enough time to focus on academic assignments.

Those, who advocate that computer games help children's development, have their sound reason. Computer games can help children to improve their mental development. With more contact with computer games, children can some experience that how to win games . After playing computer games, they will summarize some certain methods to win games. Thus, it is helpful for children to become more intelligent.

From my part, I want to take a balanced position. There are both advantages and disadvantages to computer games.. When children want to relive the academic burden , children can play some computer games. Parents should take the responsibility to supervise their children in order to make their children not play overly computer games.