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Nov 22, 2012
Scholarship / can someone review this it would be most appreciated! Topic - B [2]

To speak without disconcert on this topic would be ludicrous just the thought of poverty to me is sickening to the stomach. Families who are victims of this or anyone in general, my regards are with them if there was a way to get rid of impoverishment, then definitely I would get rid of it. imagining how one feels not having warm clean clothes to put on ones back, having to go a day to sometimes days without eating, having to sleep outside in a box or something of that sort is rather displeasing. So my thoughts on this are the world should take notice in people that are being deprived, of critical things that increases ones happiness. Not to say that one can be happy living without money, food, and the luxuries of life. But what are the chances of this. It is a proven fact that those with money let's say the rich, middle class ''collaborate'' more with their families. Knowingly poverty anywhere will always exist; we need to try our absolute best as a race to reduce this condition, Of which a large number of the people for centuries on have been suffering from.
Nov 21, 2012
Undergraduate / college essay topic - when corned, one gives his full effort [2]

be honest this is the first time i've used eassay forum so please feel free to correct and tell me any errors that there may be in this essay

It is only natural that when corned, one gives his full effort. When all confidence is loss there is no hope. The only thing that would counteract the previous statement is "luck" I believe that life is all about survival of the fittest. Those who are better equipped for survival will flourish, all others are just pawns. What separates the "good", from the "great", Is just going the extra ten miles one will take to reach his goals. Leaders aren't born, they are made. I've the ability to bring about confidence in others. As of been told that I've a nice smile, and that I'm always smiling. The reason for this is that, nothing can bring me down, and bringing out the best of others is a main objective of mine. I never judge anyone by their appearance because, we are all of the same, and "no one person is perfect." As my mom used to tell me, "Do not judge because everyone has a common goal" I constantly reenact this when meeting new people. The main thing I see in a person is how determined they are, are they worthwhile, and if they're not then I'll try my absolute best to bring their absolute best about.
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