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Jan 18, 2013
Undergraduate / RRR's IBA program; Motivation letter for applying university. [4]

Secondly, I want to tell about my reasons to go for RRR's IBA program.

I think that : tell sb about sth.

I'll go army as an officer to try my leadership that I learned in SSS and maybe RRR. I want to apply it to army

Do not write 'll---> should write I will or I am going to
Also it should be go into army or join the army

In my opinion, you should use a good dictionary like as CALD which will help you to write the collocation.
Good luck in school :)
Jan 18, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS-should universities accept equal number of both genders ? [5]

Many people firmly believe that students of both genders should be accepted equally in every major in universities. I strongly agree with this claim as this creates a more lively study environment and encourages students to approach to subjects that are normally attributed to one gender .

Firstly, the environmental education will be friendlier and more interesting when universities accept equal numbers of male and female. In that environment, students will be more chance to make friends with different gender, who can learn and compete with them in studying. For instance, in Hanoi University, after accepting this strategy, there is a positive movement in studying in every subject. The number of students, who are regularly absent from school decrease significantly and results of the exams are higher than the past.

Secondly, the discrimination between male and female should be avoided, especially in education. Therefore, it encourages students to close in on subjects that are normally attributed to one gender. Let me take political science as a proof, which was not accepted female students studying in the past. Alternatively, nowadays there are many famous political women in the world like as Thailand or German Prime Ministers, who are leading their country on path to success.

Of course there is no denying the fact that the education depend on the abilities, ambitions of people. I reiterate however that only equal numbers of male and female in every major develop precisely our society.

All in all, regardless of any points to the contrary, I can safely say that both genders should be accepted equally in every subject, which not only makes study environment more interesting and competitive but also supports students to achieve their dreams in major that are normally attributed to one gender.