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Apr 11, 2013
Writing Feedback / Do you prefer traditional house or live in apartment? [4]

Well, keeping the present scenario in mind, where each and every person is heading towards development and betterment, you've got to accept living in apartments. Cities provide a LOT of advantages which attract us, obviously; Like You can't expect a lavish hotel or an international school close to your traditional houses.

Nevertheless, our tradition is the most beautiful gift left for us by our ancestors. And one should experience living in traditional houses. So I would say, for living purpose on a daily basic needs, apartments. And traditional houses in holidays as a holiday destination to relax and enjoy the tradition.
Apr 11, 2013
Essays / Essay on School prefectorial body; Need ideas [2]

Hey! I am applying for prefect position in my school and thus I needed some ideas from you guys to write an essay on
"Why should you be appointed as a member of the prefectorial body? How will you balance your academic work and
responsibilities as a student leader?"

Reply at the earliest please :) And if you guys have done it earlier or something, please post it here. Don't worry I'm not gonna copy the entire thing. Just need some ideas that's all, since I am running short of time.

Thanks :)


I have been selected for School Prefectorial Board and have to give a speech on Wednesday 17 april 2013
Please help me to prepare a speech.

School= Cambridge School Indirapuram