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Aug 17, 2014
Writing Feedback / TOEFL: Some students live in their hometowns, but others in different cities - which do you like? [7]

The world 's economy has witnessed unprecedented boom in recent years . Such situation contributes to more employment opportunities in different cities . Meanwhile , graduation students are often presented with two major paths to pave the ways for their future development , either to stay in their hometowns , living in familiar environment and hanging out with old friends , or to spread their wings in strange cities, experiencing different local life and meeting with new people . Both ways work . From my perspective , however , the latter may best be regarded as my ideal life in this respect for the following reasons .

Different towns or cities , especially the bigger ones have more employment opportunities , so do the career options . Youngsters might be the most energetic and adventurous people in the world .They value challenges more than stability . They care more about chances for bright future ,rather than how high their starting salaries are . Taking adventures in different cities and seeking for better employment opportunities seem to be the prime alternative for them .An illustrating example is my experience during job-hunting . When I graduated from university , I came back to my hometown- a quite small town with undeveloped commercial system at first place. My major is global communication and I prefer to start my career in the relative fields. Unfortunately , I barely see foreigners in my hometown ,not to mention taking advantage of my major to get a job. After two months of bending on sending my profiles but with no reply , I set my mind to leave my hometown and find job in other cities . Unlike the situation in my hometown , I finally get my career started in a bigger city . At the same time , I could get to know the latest news about my field .

In addition , living in different cities or towns will let people have brand-new experiences and meet with new friends . As a real food-lover , exploring and tasting local food is my way to learn about new towns and cities ,but it only constitutes a small part of how we experience the local cultures . As an Chinese old saying goes : travelling ten thousand miles and reading ten thousand books is the top idea for people . Therefore , living and working in diverse cities is actually great treasure for not only young people . Meanwhile , meeting more people and expanding one 's friend circle not only paves the way to career success , but also colors one 's daily life .

Admittedly , living in hometown can make people feel cozy and safe . No more risks , but stability and fulfillment . Nevertheless , living and working besides hometown broadens our mind , enlarge our vision and offering more chances and possibilities of life .