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Sep 27, 2014
Writing Feedback / In recent people tends to late marriage and late children. a)Why this happen ? b)What is the impact? [3]

In recent decades, there is a phenomenon that people are missing their golden marriage age and couples delay parenthood. There are a number of facts can be blamed for the delay and have to suffer of its bad impact.

I think the ramshackle socio-economic condition, high expectation, establishment etc make life more challenging. Among the many reasons, Firstly I will tell the financial problem like unemployment problem and after hard and soul try if they got the job but little amount salary. Some people try to establish their business but it takes time. People try to save money by this time many ages has been over. Secondly, most of the family there is only earning person and he/she wait until finish his brothers or sister education. The reason that many couples to delay parenthood is the desire to secure their financial independence before they become parents. They want to establish themselves in their chosen career before the baby arrives. Nowadays in most families both husband and wife work. And when both of them work, they do not have the time to raise a baby. As a result of this postpone the baby until they have achieved the desired level of financial security.

The problem with those arrangements are that, late marriage couple feel disinclination on their conjugal life and finally it create inquietude in family life. It can also lead to many health problems too. It can even lead to infertility to born baby. As people fertility decreases. For example, a large number of women in 30's age have difficulty conceiving. As couples who fail to conceive after delaying pregnancy in the first few years of their marriage are more likely to experience feelings of guilt and anger. They end up spending insane amounts of money on infertility treatment and most of them fall into depression. They might also find difficult to deal with the questions of their family and friends. Even if they mange conceive, their pregnancy is more likely to be inflicted with numerous health problems. The babies, too, are affected.

Finally, we can say that, waggle economic condition and proper information gap, lack social circumstances tents to people late marriage. And it fall very bad inpact in our personal and social life.In a word late marriage and parenthood are the obstacle to prosper in life and develop the sociely.
Sep 2, 2014
Writing Feedback / All kinds of medical health expenditures should be borne by the government; do you agree or not . [6]

It is well known the government is an institution that should represent and support it's people interests, benefits and rights. Currently, whether the government should shoulder full responsibility to pay for the peoples medical health expenditures has sparked a hot debate.

There are many strong reasons that can compel one to espousal of the statement. Firstly, Limited income, poor or aged person are not able to take proper treatment in case of their poverty and sorry to say that finally meet with dead , by this time microbes are spread out everywhere which is a big thread for any country. Secondly, rural area's medical services only can ensure by government financing. Even private clinic and hospital harassment will rapidly reduce.

However, this view has been challenged by a number of cogent arguments. Personally, I believe it is better not to have borne all medical expenditure by the government. Firstly, individuals will not feel obligated to their health. Moreover it will inspire individual irrespective behavior; it might be very difficult to convince a patient to change unhealthy behaviors which associate with the serious health problem such as smoking. Under this circumstance, the patients' health and outcome of medical care will be compromised. Secondly, individuals might have no intention of checking where the medical service charges and medicine are appropriate. Even it may happen some patients might receive the unnecessary health checkup and treatment which may increase the medical cost. Meanwhile the medical professionals who prescribed the unnecessary medical care to make more profits. This situation will create a crisis of trust between patients and professionals in healthcare system.

In conclusion, the negative influences will be presented on today's society if all medical expenditures are borne by the government. The best way is to let individuals share the responsibility to pay their medical bill with a reasonable proportion. Government should closely monitor the whole health system for better service and will provide special service for poor and aged people.