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Oct 12, 2015
Writing Feedback / (help to review) 'The way that we dress reveals who we are.' What are your views? [3]

'The way that we dress reveals who we are.' What are your views?

First impressions are the hardest to change. The way we dress often play a major role in the eyes of new people we meet. However, does the way we dress really expresses who we truly are? Personally I do not agree to a certain extend.

Uniform plays a huge part in the lives of most students and also certain work industries. Does it mean that wearing a uniform expresses that they are all alike people with the same personalities and character traits? No. Uniforms are made for the purpose of looking professional, to look cohesive as a school or a company. It does not take away a person's character and it definitely does not reveal their interest, hobbies, dislikes and reveal who they truly are.

Secondly, being well-dressed might just be a cover-up. The way we dress could change in a heartbeat but who we are doesn't. A con men could be well-dressed, take interest in you, and pretend to be someone they are not so that they could get you to trust them with your money or certain things they would like to have. Does the way they dress reveal their ulterior motive? I highly doubt so.

Some might argue that the way people dress expresses who they are as a person because if you are horribly dress, it shows the lack of interest and their attitude towards life. On the flip side, if you are polished and well dressed, it shows your eagerness and you take pride in how you look which may be a reflection towards work. I would have to agree to a certain extend but argue that we cannot judge a book by its cover. For example, a people who dresses flamboyantly may not have a flamboyant personality, it is just how they like to dress.

To conclude , I disagree that our apparel choices plays a role to express who we truly are ; one must get to know the person before judging them based on their attire and get to know the real person behind that uniform / outfit.

This is one of my lower scored essay , hopefully you guys can help me review it. Out of 30 how much would you give me ? Also can you give me tips on improving essay writings in general , thanks !
Oct 11, 2015
Student Talk / O level English result - what are the criteria? [11]

Thank you so much ! I have about a few or so for preparation and I don't think I have enough time :( I'll start posting my essays later on ! Thank you again :)
Oct 6, 2015
Student Talk / O level English result - what are the criteria? [11]

Help ! Suggestion to Improve my english !

Hello ! I am new here.
Well , i will be taking my english O level exams in a few days and I hope you guys could help me out by giving me some suggestions.

The paper consists of : Comprehenion , Composition (expository/arguementive essay) , Editing , Summary and letter writting.
I have tried doing exams papers but my grades remain consistant. (sigh)

Thank you in advance !