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My Essay for the Application to AFRICAN UNION YOUTH VOLUNTEER CORPS Program

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Jul 18, 2017   #1
Motivation letter with a maximum of 750 words answering;

·Why you want to become an African Union Youth Volunteer?
·Why you believe you are the best candidate to be an African Union Youth Volunteer?
·What is your experience(s) (formal or informal) in youth civic engagement and participation, youth empowerment and/or promoting Pan-
·How has your previous experience(s) prepared you to work in diverse teams and cultures?
·What change do you expect to see in yourself, the organization that you will be deployed in, and the community that you will be part of after your year of service?

becoming the African Union Youth Volunteer Program member

I am interested in becoming an African Union Youth Volunteer because I see an opportunity to engage in the social, economic and political development of Africa. through achieving one common goal which is peace and Unity among states enhancing development, it prepares me for an international career and leadership role in the future thus giving me international recognition, broadening my areas of influence .This exposure helps me to learn from a variety of culture and incorporating the best ideas for economic growth and development.

My vision is to become an exemplary leader in my community who will actively participate and empower people to do the same for development,it is aligned with helping people achieve their dreams therefore working with African Union gives me that opportunity to grow professionally in my career and realize my dreams. In addition to that, i have acquired skills like project planning, effective communication,research methodologies which i am going to apply to enhance development, my exposure to a multicultural/ international environment (Algeria) where i studied for six years and was engaged in volunteer work/internship programs has taught me to interact with different people and cultures, i also have an additional advantage of French as my second language after English therefore the above mentioned points make me the best candidate.

As part of an organisation "Bountiful Supply ministries" formed by some of the Ugandan Students in Algeria,i was able to serve in a team by offering help to the refugees.Some of the activities were mobilizing of resources and distribution of food,clothes and basic needs to the refugees from Mali that where in Algeria due to political instability thus making a difference in that community.

As a lecturer in several Universities in Uganda, i have been able to interact with a number of youth thus giving me a platform to encourage them to build internal and external contacts,participate in different networks especially in their communities for the exchange of information,ideas and to form relationships for future collaboration therefore promoting knowledge which enhances community development. Through guidance in class discussions while encouraging feedback among students, i have been able to motivate them to engage and learn practical skills in information technology, tailoring, painting, carpentry that can promote economic growth and development. This information can be passed on to another generation thus ensuring continuity and taking on responsibility as potential future leaders. Various debates on "how to fight corruption, leadership" have been a strategy to encourage the youth to get self involved in the affairs of their country, eradicating ignorance in the political arena. Supervising research of final year students which has helped me appreciate the needs of individual students and their circumstances therefore providing moral support contributing to empowerment.

As an engineer in National Water,one of the responsibilities is to preserve the environment and since water is part of the environment, numerous programs and projects like drilling boreholes and erecting storage tanks, have been set up to engage the youth through active participation. Mass mobilization of youth to keep their Societies clean therefore improving the quality of life and the environment through water,sanitation and hygiene programs.

My experiences have helped me improve my skills in communication as i have to regularly communicate information,ideas to students in University using a range of media,i have been able to communicate complex information, orally, in writing and electronically for example report writing in my work place as an Engineer.

Ability to work in a team since most of the work is team effort for example collaborate with colleagues to identify and respond to customers' needs in National Water and Sewerage Corporation as an Engineer providing water to the community,attending and contributing to relevant meetings,collaborate with academic colleagues on programme development and curriculum changes.

Ability to adapt to change through the diverse cultures,languages i have been exposed to while in Algeria and also given me an opportunity to learn and have new experiences for example i was exposed to winter,summer,autumn and Spring.

Assertiveness in the area of Initiating, problem solving and decision making whereby I had to initiate, create and make judgement in applying appropriate approaches to learning and teaching support and scholarly activities, I had to contribute to decisions affecting the work of the team and also contribute to collaborative decision making with colleagues. In case of misunderstanding i have learned to listen and first analyse a situation before taking action.

Ability to embrace challenges as an opportunity to bring out my best and make a difference and not as a hindrance therefore working hard to achieve. Use listening, interpersonal and pastoral care skills to deal with sensitive issues concerning students and provide support.

After my year of service,i expect to incorporate the experience i have gained into my community and serve as an effective leader to create Unity.

I expect to see my career grow and develop especially in the area of community service because of the opportunity it gives me to change lives.

I expect to increase my network and create links which will be essential for my research and meet many people who are driven by their passion to serve.

Various implementation programs carried out in my organisation where i will be deployed through engaging youth in that community in entrepreneurial skills to eradicate poverty.

I expect to see youth motivated to work hard and increase their efficiency as they play a role in community development.
I expect to see Youth empowered as potential leaders and dedicated to work together to ensure peace and unity.

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Jul 18, 2017   #2
Esther, before going any further with the editing of this essay, I have to mention something very obvious. You are tremendously beyond the 750 word count. You actually have 915 words in your essay, which is over the required number of words. Therefore, before you even begin to edit this essay into the final form, you must first edit it to become a final draft. That is done by reducing your word count. Now, since this essay is very specific and dear to your heart, I strongly suggest that you decide upon how to shorten your content. I could make suggestions on how to do that but I feel that my input may change the slant, voice, or objective of your essay. I will leave the editing of the content, in terms of the word count and message up to you. What I can do from my end is make suggestions regarding where you might be able to combine information or delete information.

First up, when you discuss why you want to become a Pan-African Youth Volunteer, try to depict yourself as a nationalist who wishes to truly see Africa united. At this point, you are saying that you want to unite Africa but the rest of your discussion focuses more on personal career advancement and accolades. Something that deviates from the idea as to why you want to become a volunteer. The volunteer should have a stronger sense of nationalism and pride. The dreams and ambitions must be for the country's improvement based upon your participation in it. It should not be about your self aggrandizement as is depicted in the early part of this essay.

Up next, when you are asked about what makes you the best candidate for the program, don't try to explain yourself in numerous incarnations. Rather, focus on a character trait that you have which you believe embodies the mission and objectives of the program. That way, the reviewer has the chance to get to know the most important aspect of your personality in relation to the program as opposed to your current presentation of numerous traits, all of which are hard to keep track of and remember. Using the current information, the reviewer will most likely not remember you because you talk of too may traits that could apply to any applicant. Try to make yourself sound unique so you can stand out from the pack.

Your expectations are numerous and far between in presentation. Try to create a more concise and coherent presentation of your expectations as to what you can accomplish after completing the program. Develop one big dream that you hope to accomplish and then discuss that.

Right now, your essay will easily lose the interest of the reviewer or make it easily forgettable. Either end result of bad for your application. Work on the changes using my suggestions in order to develop a more acceptable and focused application essay on your part.
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Jul 26, 2017   #3
thanks for your input.I have done some editing. (please make this thread Urgent if you need a new Contributor's review).

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