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(biotechnology, DNA, medicine) - motivation letter for PhD program in Europe

abuhadi 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2012   #1
Hello Dear all,
I am applying for PhD program in Europe and I am just wondering if you could review my letter of motivation.It is my first draft so it is obviously needs some work but because the deadline in 20 Feb. i need any one to help me before time over.

From the junior Yahya Al-Matary, who is also applying to this program, I learned about your Cemm Ph.D programs . I am very interested to applying for this program and I believe that my academic background are appropriate for the position. I have completed Master of Medical laboratory Science with specializing in pharmacology from Jordan University of Sceince and Technology in August, 2007. Currently I am working in national oncology centre at Sana'a, the main centre for diagnosis and treatment of tumors in Yemen.

Due to my everlasting interest in biology during high school, opted for Bachelor's of Medical Laboratory Sciences, received my undergraduate education at Sana'a University College of Medicine and Healthy Science.

Mixed Master program consists of 2 years of courses and one year research. While in courses studding I managed to take challenging courses such as advanced biochemistry and molecular biology. I enjoyed to these two subjects though hematology were my specialty because I believe that to understand hematology you must understand biochemistry and molecular biology. This is the reason I decided to choose postgraduate dissertation in molecular field and to work in biotechnology centre.

During one year internship in biotechnology centre, I gained hands-on experiences on various techniques like DNA extraction, Probes and primers design, PCR, Gel electrophoresis, RQ-PCR and DNA sequencing.

Oncology science and research always fascinated me so in January 2008, I joined National Oncology Centre (NOC), Yemen to be more close to cancer diseases.
As a lab director in NOC I have been developed strong leadership skills and know how to interact with a wide variety of other people while working several different jobs. My responsibilities as a laboratory director were test selection, implementation, and resolution of technical difficulties, developing laboratory programs for analytical and clinical validation of new tests and development of management guidelines and practices that ensure reliable performance of clinical testing. In addition, development, implementation, and review of the laboratory quality assurance and control programs

In March 2009, NOC sent me to HUSM for training in immunpphenotyping for three months so I determined to accomplish many objects in addition to training .First, to improve my English language , second to get acceptance for PhD in USM and for tourism. During this period I gained experience in abs design panel, staining, acquisition and interpretation of immunophenotyping of hematological malignancies. At same time I get PhD acceptance but because there was no scholarship I went back to Yemen. Morphological diagnosis of leukemia was a challenged work, so I study very hard to overcame this challenge , I read more than 40 books in leukemias and lymphomas

I have developed experience including, bone marrow cytology examination, review of blood films, cytochemistry , immunophenotyping. Recently I focused to implement MIC-M for leukemia diagnosis. I am keenly interested in acquiring more theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this area especially in molecular biology of leukemia. Oncology team in the NOC motivated me for attachment in CeMM programs especially for bioinformatic

My experience also includes working part-time as a lecturer in some university of hematology. Tutoring has taught me to work diplomatically and successfully with a wide variety of students. The practical and theoretical experiences in leukemia diagnosis and tutoring have enabled me to gain quick learning in leukemia projects. It is this background that attracted me to the PhD project in "Bioinformatics of disease networks in myeloid malignancies (Ref: PhD RKralovics), Proteomics of the tumor suppressor network in myeloproliferative disorders

(Ref: PhD KBennett/RKralovics) or Proteomics of the tumor suppressor network in myeloproliferative disorders (Ref: PhD KBennett/RKralovics)
During my free time, I am a very active person and I really enjoy the outdoor life.
Furthermore, I am hard-working, ambitious person, motivated by goal achievements, having a multi-perspective approach towards a situation. Nothing provides me with more satisfaction that bringing contribution to the success of a project

Attached is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.

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