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Biotechnology Engineering - Applying to SINReM Erasmus Mundus Programme - Motivation letter

ysobme 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2021   #1
Hi everyone,

I'm applying to the International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINReM), and I would like your help with my motivation letter. Thank you in advance.

I am xxxxxxx from xxxxx and I hold a B.Sc degree in Biotechnology Engineering. I am currently working in the pharmaceutical industry; nevertheless, my true interests lie in pursuing a career within the recycling industry. Nowadays, the overexploitation of natural resources is threatening the existing biodiversity of the planet, especially of countries as diverse as Mexico; consequently, the exponential growth of the worldwide population is demanding more suitable products.

We are at a critical point in which we must start innovating in recovery and recycling processes in order to obtain raw materials from industrial waste, and I want to take part in it, so I am looking forward to engaging fully in the syllabus offered by the SINReM Programme. The approach of this program towards a circular economy and sustainability makes it very attractive to me and I believe it would be an ideal next step in my academic and professional career.

The undergraduate curriculum in Biotechnology Engineering offered me a wide variety of skills and knowledge. First, through the course Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology I was introduced to and became interested in the concept of circular economy. In this course, I understood the relevance of sustainable processes to reduce waste generation by recycling end-of-life products. Secondly, my courses in Bioprocess gave me the technological background to create or adapt biotechnological processes, which can be applied to recover resources and recycle them into raw material. In addition to these courses, I did a semester abroad at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Barcelona; this was an experience through which I grew exponentially, being out of my comfort zone but learning to work in a multicultural environment with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Although Mexico is rich in natural resources, it lacks a state-of-the-art technological development on sustainable processes and services. However, in Mexico, a sustainable movement and conscience are starting to grow. For instance, just recently plastic bags and other plastics objects, such as containers and straws, have been banned from supermarkets and restaurants in some parts of the country. New regulations have created the necessity to generate products made of sustainable materials and use sustainable production processes for recovery and recycling. Because of this scenario, I want to bring top-notch technologies back to Mexico and give this industry a meaningful boost by starting a business. A company that has as a baseline sustainable processes can help fight climate change by decreasing waste generation and, through it, drive a much-needed social change.

Through the SINReM Programme, I aim to explore sustainable ways of recycling and transforming materials to give them a new life, and, after obtaining my graduate degree, I am interested in adapting the knowledge acquired through this program to Mexico's unique context and start my own company. This program is a great opportunity for me to able to contribute to the society as I advance in my career.

Thank you very much in advance for considering my application.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,849 4178  
Jan 20, 2021   #2
Remove the third paragraph in this presentation. That is information that should be in the statement of purpose as a part of your foundational education that prepared you to perform professionally and also, take this masters course. The essay will flow much more smoothly, as a motivational letter, if you remove that paragraph. It shows a clear intention for your studies and the motivation that drove you to pursue these advanced courses. However, the essay still requires additional information.

The problem that I see with this essay is that it does not include reasons why you have chosen a particular university to study at. Though you are interested in the scholarship program, you need to prove a motivation for studying abroad as well. Start with your choice of university and how those relate to your future career plans. How were you motivated to choose the country? Finally, explain why you believe that studying in Europe is enough of a motivation for you to do better in your career.

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