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'Good connection with others' - Write a letter of application to the tourism office

Dear Sir or Madam
I saw your advertisment in local newspaper. I'm really need this job because I am student, Have a freetime at the end of week and really need money.

I've like this kind of work since I was child. I grew up in this city, know it very well and have alot of information about the tourist spots of it, so i can explain it very well for tourists.I know some languages such persian,spanish,German and I make connection very well with other people .

I have quite experince about this kind of work, one day I saw tourists in sight of my city and made connection with them, then visited most of the sights of our city and explained about the sight to them.

so i think i can do this work as well as you want. I'm looking forward to your reply.

hello I'll give you a little idea
I saw your advertisment (advertisement ) in local newspaper.
... Have a freetime ( free time) at the end of ...
... and have alot ( a lot ) of information about ...
I know some languages such persian,spanish ( Persian, Spanish),...
I have quite experince ( experience) about this kind of work...
Oct 16, 2016   #4
Hi Sahar, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Team, we aim at providing you a little help on your writing projects and further develop your writing skills. Now, one thing that you have to take note when it comes to responding to a job post or anything that deserves formality and serious responsibility, you have to be yourself, be confident and be true to your intentions.

Having said that, please find a few suggestions below;

Dear Sir or Madam, ( don't forget your punctuation marks )

I saw your advertisment in local newspaperam writing in response to your job post in the local paper .
I'm really need this job because ...interested and ready to take on the challenge that the jobs entails .
I've like this kind of work since I was child. I grew up in this city, knowI will be a valuable asset to the company as I was born and lived in this city, I am knowledgeable and know the cityit very well and have (...) spots of it , sotherefore , I can explain it very well forto our tourists.

I know some languages sucham multilingual, I can speak persian,spanish,German and
I make connection very well with otherconnect well with people .
I have quitean experince aboutin this kind of work,
one day I saw tourists in sight (...) work as well as you want.I'm lookingI look forward to your reply.

There you have it Sahar, I hope this works for your revision.
Oct 18, 2016   #6
Hi Sahar, no worries at all, we are all here for you and we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor, do let us know what comes out of this application, we'd love to hear from you.

Should you need further assistance, it doesn't necessarily have to be an application letter or an official writing project, anything that you fancy writing about, you can post it here on EF and this will help you hone your skills in writing, not only that, this will also allow you to see your other potential in coming up with different kinds of writing projects.

When you do write, however, mind the English language rules, it will help if you review from time to time just to make sure that you didn't miss anything or if there' s any update at all, then you can associate this is your writing. Reading will also help you a lot, this will open your eyes to different use of words, words that you can use in your future writing projects. Overall, you have started to write and this is the first step to get better at something and this will only get you better with time.
Oct 19, 2016   #8
HI Sahar, welcome again, have you been reading too?, well, it will definitely help if you read as much as you can, as mentioned this will allow you to see and understand new words, words that you will be able to use in your future writing articles. This will also showcase a whole lot of examples in the usage of the words in a sentence that will be very handy on your future writing projects.

Speaking of which, as you are into leisurely writing, you can go ahead and write something that you love about, maybe something about the tourism industry, its current state, how does tourism help in the current economic situation of your town and the country as a whole, now if this is too formal to write about, you can try writing about your childhood, life experiences are usually the best topic to go when you want a topic to write about, it's something that you know very well, its an easy task that you should be able to write something about with ease.

Having said that, I hope that when you do write, post it here on EF so you will be able to get credible notes and even more valuable feedback about your writing progress. Keep writing.
Hi @justivy03
I studied english before , and nowadays I've been studying english again. these days I am improving my 4 skills in English nowadays.
here , I'm trying writting, because I study English self study .
thanks for your attention , and here I'll send you another writting that I wrote about title which you said.
thank you very much for your helping.
I want tell you about my childhood, and hope you will help me and correct my mistakes. Thanks for your attention.
I really like my childhood and have a lot diary which I can't forget them. Now I want to say about some of those diary.

When I was a child I have a lot of friends whom they lived near my home. Most of the time we played a lot of games. Forexample we made ballons and released them in sky, when it went to sky then all of us shrilled to show we were happy.

One of my friends had bought chalkboard, we gathered to her home and wrote on it with chalk or we colored pictures in coloring book with crayons.

When the weather wasn't good we couln't stay in yard or alley so we went to my room and made crafts, because all of us liked artistic activities, so when the weather became good we went to alley and did firework or made beautiful things out of clay likes mugs,plates and bowls.

We had a lot of funny and unforgettable days with my friends . after some years we left the neighbourhood and I haven't seen my friends at all. I've missed my friends and I hope I see them again.

I've missed all the days which I had with them.
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