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'Miss Grace Green' - Recommendation letter for graduate admission(EE)

Nov 20, 2011   #1
Hi everyone. My name is Grace and I'm hoping to pursue graduate studies in an Electrical Engineering School. I have written a recommendation letter in the tone of my dean and there are places of grammer faults and other improper sentences, so that I need the help of you. I truly appreciate any corrections that I can get. Thank you very much.!

Dear colleagues,

Miss Grace Green has requested a letter of recommendation from me to support her application into your renowned University. As the dean and her teacher in two courses, I have directed her on some programs so that I think I am in a strong position to say something about this promising student.

I got to know her personally since 2009 when I taught them on Fundamentals of Sensors and Application and then I organized some students to participate in the "Challenge Cup"-- a national university student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition. Grace is just the active member among them that left me deep impression. At that time, she and her teammates were working on an automatic shopping cart. It was a hard work for undergraduates, however, she seemed to be impassioned on it and showed great interest when working on it. I've heard that she always stayed up in the laboratory and kept on researching even on winter vacation. She could come up with innovative ideas and solutions from time to time to solve various kinds of problems. I remember once there were several problems on the drive of the cart, which are too difficult for them to solve, she came to me and discussed on kinds of advantages and disadvantages on different choices of motor. Her strong ability on data analysis and deliberate thought really surprise me considering she is just an undergraduate student. Then further contact with her made me to see the great potential in the young generations.

What impressed me most is that when they failed to be awarded a prize after paying so much effort, she did not seem to be dejected as others at all. She remained positive and energetic and searched on what can be done followed. Last summer she engaged in an EMG controlled robot under my direction, and I saw a series of big progress on her. She became more thoughtful and proficient when carrying on series of experiments. Even though she failed many times to prevent the disturbance on electromyography signals from outside, with her perseverance and creative thinking, she acquired excellent results with her teammates and even elongated the distance for signals to be accepted finally. While they succeeded this time, once again she did not seem to be as ecstatic as others. She was always disimpassioned on results and maybe just like she said, she did what she liked and results were second. However excellent she is, she sometimes focuses too much on research work to balance the relationship between all aspects of life, this can yet be regarded as a kind of slight imperfection.

In general, I consider Miss Grace Green highly promising applicant to the graduate program in her proposed field. It is my firm belief that he will satisfactorily acquit himself, as he did at our university. I have the least reservation on her potential to succeed in her future educational as well as professional pursuits. I give her my highest recommendation. Should you wish to discuss anything pertaining to her application, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours

Nov 24, 2011   #2
I don't have time to read and edit the whole thing right now but one thing I saw quickly was:
"I have directed her on some programs so that I think I am in a strong position to say something about this promising student."

Change it to say:
I have directed her on some programs so I believe I am in a strong position to say something about this promising student.

Just a thought. Feels more professional.

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