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Motivation letter on why I should be given the AXEL ADLER SCHOLARSHIP.

benadine30 1 / -  
Feb 10, 2024   #1
Hello everyone, I am glad to be here. Please give me your sincere input. I applied for a bachelor's course in business and economics, and this is my motivation for the scholarship application. Bear in mind that I have a higher national diploma from my home country.

Dear Admissions and Scholarship Committee,

I am........., formally known and addressed as......... (documents showing my change of name are attached to my application), a driven individual seeking the Axel Adler Scholarship for the Bachelor's Program in Business and Economics at the University of Gothenburg.

After completing my higher national diploma with distinction, I consciously embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. For five years, I established and successfully managed my own small business, gaining valuable insights into the dynamics of entrepreneurship, leadership, and decision-making

Because of my quest for continuous growth and new opportunities, I transitioned into technology, concentrating on data and business intelligence. Over the past year, I have fully involved myself in this exciting field, learning statistical analysis, business analysis, and data visualization. My journey so far has equipped me with a distinct viewpoint that combines the practical aspects of business with technology.

My decision to enroll in the bachelor's program at the University of Gothenburg was a result of my love for business and my desire to deepen my understanding of world economics. The program's extensive curriculum, its international perspective, and the opportunity to choose between three main fields to specialize in perfectly align with my career goals and objectives, giving me the perfect structure for combining my knowledge of tech with business acumen and the opportunity to understand the global business market.

Although I'm eager and excited to fully enroll and engage in this program, the current economic and financial challenges my home country is facing and the cost of tuition for non-EU students may not allow me to actualize this dream. With the Axel Adler Scholarship, I would be able to let go of this responsibility, leaving me to concentrate on my education and have just my living expenses to worry about. It would also allow me to participate in extracurricular activities to broaden my horizons. I am determined and committed to making the most of this opportunity.

This scholarship would also enable me to contribute positively to the university's academic community. With my diverse background and experience, I will bring unique viewpoints to classroom discussions and school and community projects.

My goal is to promote social and environmental well-being in sustainable business operations, and I hope to achieve this through my education and scholarship at the University of Gothenburg. I'm dedicated to using my expertise to promote positive change, either through collaboration with individuals or organizations, to solve pressing business and economic issues.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and I am excited about the thought of joining the University of Gothenburg and adding to its vibrant community.

Thank you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Feb 11, 2024   #2
Do not waste the time of the admissions officers with petty information such as how to address you. That is not a required part of a motivational letter and would be better discussed using a more relevant writing prompt. The motivational letter is not to be used as a background explanation. Just get to the point about your motivation for your interest in this course.

My journey so far has equipped me with a distinct viewpoint that combines the practical aspects of business with technology.

Again, this is information that would work better as section of your personal statement. This is not discussing a motivation but a background so it is not considered relevant information. Avoid filling the essay with unnecessary information. 2 paragraphs of not motivation related content and the admissions officer will set aside your application due to irrelevant content. You need to present your motivation early on. Do not make that wait till the 4th paragraph. Open the letter with the 4th paragraph instead and expand on it. You do not need to write a lot of information, you should concentrate on writing relevant information only.

Home / Letters / Motivation letter on why I should be given the AXEL ADLER SCHOLARSHIP.
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