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Motivation Letter For Kazakhstan Government Scholarship

raffyqurtuba 1 / -  
Apr 30, 2024   #1
The sterile air of the hospital room was heavy with worry, yet Grandpa's smile remained strong. His battle with tongue cancer ignited a fire within me - a promise whispered in

hospital hallways to not just study medicine, but become a beacon of healing for those facing illness. I'm eager to pursue my medical education with the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship at Shokhan Ualikhanov Kokshetau University in Kazakhstan, a country with a growing reputation for healthcare innovation.

Dissecting a frog in biology class wasn't just a lesson; it was my first step on a path paved by a commitment to understanding the intricate workings of life. This curiosity, coupled with witnessing Grandpa's strength against cancer, fuels my unwavering passion for medicine. My academic record, with consistent top grades in biology, reflects this drive. While Grandpa's care team offered excellent treatment, their dedication while facing limited resources inspired me to seek training in a system like that of Kazakhstan, where innovation within healthcare constraints is likely a necessity.

Volunteering alongside my uncle, a physician, solidified my desire to provide the same level of compassionate care. It taught me valuable leadership and communication skills that will undoubtedly assist me in navigating both the academic rigors of medical school and the cultural exchange with Kazakh patients and colleagues. Kazakhstan's focus on addressing healthcare disparities, particularly in the areas of improving rural healthcare access and combating rising non-communicable diseases, strongly resonates with my goal of making a tangible difference in underserved communities.

I envision a future where I actively contribute to the advancement of my country's healthcare system, after respectfully learning from time-honored Kazakh medical practices and the resilience of its people. My interest in learning the Kazakh language extends beyond the classroom - it's about forging genuine connections with patients and understanding the cultural context crucial to providing holistic care. The prospect of participating in Shokhan Ualikhanov Kokshetau University's research opportunities presents an invaluable chance to contribute directly to improving lives.

Studying in Kazakhstan would be a transformative experience, shaping me into a culturally sensitive, adaptable physician with the skills to excel in diverse healthcare settings. I am committed to embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with adapting to a new environment, knowing that this growth will fuel my ability to make a meaningful impact as a future doctor.

=> I would like to learn how can I improve my motivation letter.
Thank you
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 4, 2024   #2
The first thing you have to do is delete this essay. This is not a motivational letter. You mistook a personal statement for a motivational letter. The motivational letter should focus on the reasons why you want to become a doctor, excluding references to grades and other things. You had a good start in this essay, the reference to your grandfather's tongue cancer. Your desire to help him would be a fantastic motivation. However, you deviated from that focus several times. What you have to do is make sure that you discuss the story of your grandfather and how it motivated you to become a doctor. What exposure did you have to the field that further fueled that desire? Think of how you shadowed the doctors, asked questions, did your own research, among other things. These would be of interest to the reviewer and would help your application essay.

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