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Motivation Letter for Scholarship admission in Sweden - Sustainable Technology

Engineer89 1 / -  
Dec 25, 2021   #1
Please give your valuable comments/suggestions. Thank You

KTH Royal Institute is my top choice

Dear Sir/Madam
I am applying for this program because I am looking to switch careers from serving private corporations' interests to public service and nonprofit organizations. I aspire to devote my energies, knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the handing-over of a sustainable and better planet to future generations. MSc. Sustainable Technology will equip me with the essential skills to embark upon my pursuits. Combining this program with my current educational background will upgrade my qualifications, which I am in quest of. This program is the best move for me to pursue a progressive and purposely satisfying profession.

KTH Royal Institute is my top choice because of its incredible repute and high world rankings. It is located at one of my favorite destinations. Stockholm is among the top sustainable cities in the world therefore, there cannot be a better place to study sustainability. Sweden has been an exemplary country for its leading role in sustainable development and environmental protection. I imagine it would be an all-senses learning experience to live sustainably while learning from sustainability leaders. Moreover, I am an absolute fan of Sweden's beautiful landscape. I fanaticize about visiting the gorgeous swede mountains during my leisure time there and exploring their astounding beauty.

I enjoy leadership and management tasks. Environmental sciences, urban planning, economics, and social sciences are the other subjects that intrigue me. I enjoy learning about their interdependencies. It is due to these versatile interests that I am fascinated by this multidisciplinary program. It gives me the opportunity to learn economic and social variables in the context of natural and urban environmental sciences and merge it with my prior civil engineering & project management foundations. This will groom me to be a professional having a wider and improved perspective. Rest assured using my traits and capabilities I can make meaningful contributions to the sustainable development workforce.

I can contribute to this program with various skills. I have exceptional research skills. My FYP during my bachelor's degree required studying a good deal of academic material and citing. We also conducted a survey and analyzed the data using statistical software. I scored 92.5% on this project. I possess leadership and project management skills which were tested when I was entrusted by one of the largest local contracting firms to lead a multinational-team megaproject. I also took part in the LEED certification of this project. Due to my curious nature, I question everything and try to find answers proactively. I participate eagerly during class and try to be an active learner. I have an unlimited passion for learning. I keep an open mind to gain knowledge and learn new skills. I like to contribute by sharing my opinions. I believe these qualities are worthy and will allow me to add value to the class group.

This program perfectly aligns with my career aspirations and educational background. Therefore, I feel I am a solid candidate for admission. I hope you can see potential in my application.

I thank you in advance for your precious time and consideration.

Thank You,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 25, 2021   #2
Discuss more of how your career aspirations align with the ecological nature of Sweden and how their sustainability programs as a nation have inspired you. Be specific. Right now, you are merely referring to well known public information which, in all honest, does not refer only to Sweden, but could refer to any European country that is focused on sustaninability and ecological correctness.

The reference to the university decision requires you to deal with your career aspirations directly in the discussion. There must be a relationship that is clear to the reviewer, regarding your future career plans, how the course you chose applies, how the exposure to Sweden as a nation, all fit together. It is like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. That aspect of the motivation is not present in this essay.

Mere references, without proper discussion development makes this motivational letter weak and does not have a chance of being considered for the scholarship, regardless of your academic performance. What motivates you to think that Sweden can help you assist your country's development in the sustainability area?
King xexeex - / 1  
Dec 31, 2021   #3
I'm sure there are specific professors you'd like to work with? If yes, mention them.

You have to mention in exact words what you intend to do with the anticipated knowledge especially in your home country.

You have to have a clear picture of your future career plans/goals, state what you have done/still doing in the study area, and how the knowledge you set to get from Sweden will help you develop it

If you ask me I'd say you can state a previous, present or future problem that made you wanna switch so badly. Your reason to me is not satisfying..
samidare707 1 / 3  
Dec 31, 2021   #4
you should correct your very first sentence as dear sir OR madam.
next, what bring this program for your career development?

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