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Peace Corps teacher * resume suggestions

Abby5 8 / 19 4  
Nov 11, 2012   #1
Hi! This is the first time that I have combined my customer service resume with teaching and planning experience, I normally would have two separate resumes to be more direct. I am unsure of the impression that this combined resume gives. Looking to show skills as transferable in teaching for the Peace Corps. Suggestion on content and editing, please.

Objective: Serve in the Peace Corps as a teacher, aligning my desire for a life-altering volunteer experience with my long-term career goals.

Ability to adapt to different learning styles
Experience in diverse cultural backgrounds
Navigate challenging conditions Anticipate needs of others
Flexible attitude
Productive in independent and collaborative work


Substitute Teacher
XXXXXX 11/12-current
Create an interactive learning environment for students of all ages and abilities. Engage in effective communication skills, innovative educational approaches to further student engagement and development. Work with students of all socioeconomic levels and English learners.

Personal Assistant
XXXX 1/12-11/12
Manage household operations: provide infant childcare, prepare nutritious meals. React quickly in emergency situations with sound judgment. Provide companionship, personal care and assist in adjusting to new lifestyles.

Restaurant Service
XXXXX 2/09-09/11
Provided excellent customer service. Flexible, can-do attitude: I was the only employee cross-trained as a restaurant bartender, dining room server and pool bartender. Worked independently with little supervision, trained seasonal staff. Managed bank with a daily blind-deposit, responsible for reconciling all tip payouts. Trained in alcohol awareness, extensive wine and product knowledge. Prioritized and executed tasks in a high-stress environment, initiating teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Substitute Teacher
XXXXXX 10/09-3/11
Fulfilled substitute assignments across most subject areas, effectively teaching kindergarten through 12th grade. Students were of varied academic levels and diverse cultural backgrounds. Instructed classes of as many as 30 students. Collaborated with teachers, administrators and parents on lessons and classroom management techniques. Facilitated a positive learning environment.

Wedding Service
XXXXX 3/09-3/11
Server for weddings, often-primary onsite contact for clients. Meticulous detail in: buffet set-up, table arrangements and food/beverage service. Diffused stressful situations daily. Employ strategic time management skills, ensuring that events ran smoothly and guests' expectations were fulfilled.

Restaurant Service
XXXX 7/05-11/08
Prioritized and executed tasks in a high-stress environment, initiating teamwork and customer satisfaction.
Engaged patrons as a dining room server, bartender and in event support. Trained new servers on cash handling and service standards. Supported the events coordinator in leading events and weddings, organized set-up and breakdown, and supervised staff.

Land Use Planner
XXXXX 4/07-3/08
Worked within regulations from multiple agencies, cities, and counties to obtain planning and building permits. Primary contact for clients, contractors, architects, and governmental agencies involved in commercial, conservation and residential projects. Created, reviewed and altered building and landscape plans. Managed 15 project deadlines concurrently. Represented clients in meetings with various governmental agencies and departments. Provided effective communication and conflict resolution.

Naturalist Teacher
XXXXX 4/06-6/06
Developed a good rapport with students, planned and supervised group-building activities. Demonstrated proficiency in outdoor skills. Taught throughout the state of California, in different ecosystems and habitats. Formulated lesson plans tailored to integrate classroom curriculum with local environment, human and natural history of the western United States.

Planning Technician, Planning Intern
XXXXX 10/06-4/07, 8/05-10/05
Conducted initial screening for all inquiries and complaints directed toward the planning department. Interpreted city ordinances and how they apply to specific projects. Reviewed all commercial and multi-family development applications submitted for completeness and compliance. Created and edited city documents.

Relevant Volunteer Work:

Volunteer Educator
XXXX 10/05-12/05 Taught students conservation, recycling and natural resource protection concepts. Led elementary students on educational tours of the eco-park. Delivered creative lessons explaining conservation to students who were hearing these ideas for the first time.

Assisted guides in educational expeditions, which focused on native flora and fauna identifications, botany, and medicinal uses of Amazonian plants. Modernized webpage: nature photography, updates, and language translation.

Community Outreach Intern XXXXX 10/ 04- 05/ 05 Taught hands-on workshops on marsh and grassland remediation in the Richmond Field Station. Prepared educational materials and presented educational lessons to students on field trips. Independently and with community members: maintained native nursery, researched remediation techniques, and monitored results.


Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major. University of California Berkeley, December 2005. Thesis: "Sustainability in Marginal Communities: a Latin Experience."
Independent study abroad, Ecuador, Fall 2005

Associates, Liberal Arts and Spanish. Lake Tahoe Community College, June 2003.
Study Abroad, Spain, 2001

Certificate: 30 day Emergency Teaching Permit, Passed CBEST (California Basic Skills Test)
Chiletran01 1 / 2  
Nov 23, 2012   #2
Your resume look "ok" but I have a few ideas that might help it. Under experiences, I don't think
you should mention the restaurant experience or anything irrelevant to teaching. Highlight those experiences
you have in teaching and also the management skills you learned from your time as a planner. These should help increase
your prospects of becoming a peace corps teacher. Also I would advice you to be more detailed with your study aboard
experience in Ecuador. It sends a signal that says you are a well rounded person that's in-touch with cultural differences. Also
consider giving an abstract on your thesis that's very brief and touch on that experience. Last few points I would reccommend is to
write a cover letter and when you send the resume, make sure you have it attached to the email. You'd be surprised at how many people

forget. The attachment should be named (last name_First name). Best of Luck!

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