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Letter of Recommendation to an MSc Supply Chain Management

Chayakan 1 / -  
Dec 7, 2009   #1
Hi, would anyone please review my LOR which I will give it to my employee for his graduate admission? Please advise if there is any area to improve or make this letter better.

Thank you so much in advance.

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to offer a formal recommendation for Mr.XXXX to an MSc Supply Chain Management at YYYY University. For more than 25 years in my logistics career and nearly ten years at ABCD Limited since its foundation in 2000, I have supervised, directed and mentored a great number of subordinates. I hope my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional candidate.

I have known and directly supervised XXXX for more than two years since he joined the company in 2007. During the course of two years, I have been consistently impressed by his attitude towards the work, his performances on the job and his initiative ideas to improve the logistics operations. Recently, XXXX has introduced Material Analysis Technique to calculate exact dimension and weight of structural materials required for wellhead platform construction. Since the technique has been implemented, each truck has been fully utilized by carrying the optimal amount of structural materials. We are experiencing a noticeable decrease in a number of trucks that would be required to transport the same amount of materials than in the past, and as a result, we are now enjoying a significant reduction in our overall logistics cost.

XXXX has also distinguished himself as a reliable and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. Apart from operational excellence, ABCD Limited also invests a great deal of effort in promoting work safety. XXXX has instituted and led several impressive safety programs in an area of logistics activities. For example, he initiates and leads Driver Incentive Program to encourage truck drivers to drive responsibly and Truck Quality Control Program to ensure that each truck is always in good condition. From his contribution and involvement, ABCD Limited has recently achieved 12 millions Man-Hours without a Day Away From Work which believed to be the best in oil & gas industry in our country.

I know of XXXX's continued interest to further his study in program related to supply chain management. Your program sounds perfectly fit to his talent and professional development. He will come to you with the qualities of genuineness, intelligence, and perseverance. Just as importantly, he will come with an enthusiasm for both of learning, sharing and networking, as well as a resolute desire to understand new theories and ideas. It is exciting to think of the ways in which he will contribute to class participation, group work and your program.

Finally, I would like to summarize Mr.XXXX as, quite simply, the most remarkable young talent I have ever met in my career. Therefore, I strongly recommend him for admission and scholarship grant, without reservation, and would appreciate your most favorable considerations for his applications. If you would like to require any further information, please contact me at my email address email@email.com or my telephone number 1234 5678 extension 1234.

Yours sincerely,

My Name
Logistics Superintendent
Christinasha07 1 / 10  
Dec 8, 2009   #2
I thinks it a good letter of recommendation. It has everything needed in there.
philuchi - / 1  
Jan 8, 2013   #3
ACADEMIC INTEREST in supply chain management?

pls i will like to get more explanation for the meaning of academic interest, and what academic interests are there in supply chain management.
Turbina 1 / 11 3  
Jan 8, 2013   #4
Economic desicions (relation between supply and demand), human resources (how to manage different people), political knowledge (why chain is sustainable)...whatever interests you, choose GOOGLE it and write about your interests with examples..

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