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scholarship appeal letter; 'my GPA was a 2.9 - below the minimum requirement'

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Jun 24, 2014   #1
hello, I have lost my scholarship and am allowed to appeal if I have extenuating circumstances or an intention to bring up my gpa in the summer semester. I also need to include what I'll do to keep my GPA up next semester. Also should I include who I am in the letter or just leave it for the signature?

Dear Scholarship Appeal Committee,

My name is Stephanie Tan and I am a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering student. I am writing this letter of appeal in the hopes that you will reconsider your decision to not renew my scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year. I realize that my GPA was a 2.9 and thus below the minimum requirement for keeping my scholarship. I do not have any extenuating circumstances that cause me to let my GPA fall. I simply under estimated how hard college engineering courses were going to be. Every single class was an important core class. There were no easy classes meant to boost your GPA.

In high school I breezed through all of my classes while putting in minimal effort and thought I could do that in college too. I wasn't prepared for the differences between college and high school. Near the end of the Spring Semester I realized that I had to try harder or I would fail my classes. I started studying more and joined study groups with my friends to try and bring up grades. However it was still too late to get a 3.0. In the end I got a bunch of B's and barely passed my calculus class.

I am going to take a summer course during summer session 4 to boost my GPA. I am taking General Photography and if I get an A in the class it will boost my GPA to just above a 3.0. I will do whatever I can to get that A. If I don't get that A please consider my circumstances and let me use the 2014 Fall Semester to boost my GPA more.

I will do my best to avoid having this situation happen again. I promise that in the next semester I will work hard when the semester starts instead of frantically trying to boost my grades at the end of a semester. I will set aside a time to study and do assignments ahead of time so I'm not doing everything the night before. I will also go over material before class so I won't be bombarded with new information during the class. I learned a lot of study tips during the 2014 Spring Semester and I intend to apply them for the rest of my college career.

Stephanie Tan

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