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Statement of purpose for Grad School in Civil Engineering (Water Resources PhD program)

jmquiroz 1 / -  
Nov 15, 2013   #1

I need some help with my editing for my application grad school letter. Also, I would greatly appreciate some extra tips on how to get this essay done. The following would be my first rough draft.

here it goes: THANK YOU!!!

Name: Juan M. Quiroz. December 1, 2013 Civil Engineering (Water Resources Specialty)

Currently, I am a senior engineering student at the University of Southern Indiana (USI). I will be graduating with honors in December 2013. As an undergraduate student, I have gained basic knowledge in several different branches of civil engineering such as environmental, geotechnical, structural, and, most importantly to me, water resources. Also, I have had some professional experience through internships which has enhance my understanding in environmental and water resources engineering. I am looking next to enter Texas A&M University's graduate program in civil engineering (Water Resources Specialty).

Water Resources engineering is the branch of civil engineering that caught my attention more than any other field of study. Since Dr. Hill's class in fluid mechanics, I found quite interesting fluid flow properties. Later, in his class of Water Resources & Hydrologic design I was able to expand my knowledge in different topics on this field. Most importantly, I found fascinating the study of open channel hydraulics where I am hoping to focus my research at A&M University.

In the summer of 2013, I worked as a field engineer for Weaver Boos Consultants. This experience, even though it was not related to my area of interest, it provided me some valuable professional experience in civil engineering. I was able to be part of a landfill design assignment where I was the on-site consultant for the job. This opportunity apart from giving me some more environmental and geotechnical engineering background, increased my leadership skills since I was performing a job which carried a significant amount of responsibility from my part. I was able to assure the quality of the construction, and to finish within the time span given by our client.

Furthermore, for my senior design project I was part of wetland assessment/creation task. My group and I had to analyze whether or not it was feasible to develop a wetland area for the University of Southern Indiana. This project required hydrologic parameters, historical weather data research, water budget parameters, and river hydraulic analysis. The latest being the most enjoyable for me. I was able to perform a river simulation collecting data from the field and using software such as HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS. After the conclusion of the project, I decided I had to learn more about open flow channel hydraulics because it was just too fascinating due to its complexity. Therefore, I cannot wait to start the civil engineering graduate program at Texas A&M.

During my sophomore and junior year, I was part of the Academics Skills department where I worked as a Mathematics tutor. I enjoyed tutoring lower level math students because it increased my confidence in math related topic of engineering. Also, I found it rewarding to be able to help students to succeed in their classes. If the chance is presented, I would take the challenge in teaching, or lecturing, while a graduate student at Texas A&M. Teaching is something I personally find exciting and will consider as a long term career once I am done with my studies.

My ultimate goal, and the reason why I am joining Texas A&M graduate program, is to become a university professor and conduct several different research in my area of interest which includes, but not limited, open flow hydraulics.

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