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Sustainable & Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINREM) Motivation Letter

Fmehyar 1 / -  
Feb 27, 2021   #1

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship LETTER OF MOTIVATION

Hello peeps,

I am applying for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship SINREM (Sustainable & Innovative Natural Resource Management) master's program this year, and I would appreciate your feedback on what I wrote below in terms of structure, grammar, flow of stories, and if I have clearly addressed everything that could qualify me for the scholarship.

Just to give you some context, SINREM (sinrem.eu/about-us-2/) is a 2-years master's program educates students to develop sustainable solutions across the entire raw materials value chain. From resource exploration to sustainable extraction processes and the development of more sustainable materials and recycling, students are taught to find new solutions that work towards the achievement of a circular economy. The student will be pursuing this degree in 3 universities; TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Ghent University (Belgium), and Uppsala University (Sweden).

So here's what I wrote as a response to the requirement "Motivate why you wish to join the programme. Motivate why you deserve an Erasmus Mundus or AVSA scholarship in case you apply for one. The letter should not be longer than 1 A4 page":

"In the recent decades, Sustainability became an essential part of the national and international strategic agendas. However, the current pandemic of COVID-19 clearly showed the imperative need for countries to invest more in sustainability development at all levels, since it is no longer an option.

As a sustainability advisor, I help organizations from diverse sectors become more sustainable by aligning their strategies with national and global visions to further contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Starting as an analyst with a very little background about sustainability, I exhibited a huge enthusiasm and dedication to my job along with a diverse set of skills gained throughout my professional and volunteering experiences, such as the systematic approach I follow to manage my work efficiently, and the capacity to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. My motivation and curiosity were always fueling me to learn more and develop my skills, which led to my promotion to the advisory position in no time.

My interest in the field of environmental management grew day by day, and my focus started to shift towards "Waste", being one of the major issues nowadays, especially in the MENA region where it is considered a pain point, yet an opportunity with abundant environmental and economic rewards, if managed properly. I decided to get specialized in this area by pursuing a master's degree, and SINREM program highly resonated with my future endeavors. Besides building on my engineering degree, research and project management skills, its comprehensive modules will broaden my insights in the area of resource management while offering the chance to specialize in 'Circular Societies' in the second year.

Given the uniqueness and significance of the gained knowledge and the ultimate need for it in the Arab world, SINREM will put me on the right track to become a top-notch consultant who provides effective solutions in the realm of waste and resource management utilizing the acquired creativity and innovation. I will further extend my influence beyond the professional domain by embedding my expertise in social work through my role at JCI NGO (Junior Chamber International), which has always been my platform to get in touch with the community and explore social issues from within. I will employ my accumulated knowledge in social projects to raise people's awareness about their vital role in preserving nature and to help accelerating the shift towards circular economies.

On the other hand, studying in three of the top European universities in the field and experiencing life in different European countries will be a life-changing experience and a chance to connect with like-minded students from all over the world. I will expand my social network, especially with the EIT international community that serves as a channel for collaboration and continuous learning about the latest scientific research in the industry.

After my first attempt back in 2018, I worked hard to build the required skills and competencies that will make me an excellent candidate to the program this year, qualifying for Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Being a SINREM alumni from the Levant will emphasize the fundamental role the European Union plays in the region through cultivating experts and leaders who will transfer their best knowledge and experience to support the sustainable development journey of their countries. I will be honored to be on this mission and genuinely help Jordan and the neighboring countries in picking up the pace towards achieving the SDGs and making SINREM a real success."
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Feb 28, 2021   #2
since it is no longer an option.

- What is no longer an option and why? What is the relation of Covid to the SINREM studies? The environment has actually benefited from Covid 19 as the experts say the earth seemingly reset, specially in terms of the water ways, forest regrowth, and natural habitats. You should clarify what you mean about this statement. Do you mean we will not be able to sustain the positive effects of Covid on the natural system of the planet?

As a sustainability advisor, I

- You have well described your duties, responsibilities, and mission focus. There is a lack of accomplishment though based on these information that would show how your leadership skills, excellent planning, and flawless implementation abilities have led to your success as a sustainability adviser.

decided to get specialized in this area by pursuing a master's degree,

- Based on what professional motivation? How does this merge with your duties and responsibilities as a sustainability adviser? It appears that you merely decided to study this course based on general considerations instead of focused career applications and SDG programs.

I will expand my social network,

- For what benefit? Try to focus on how each university and course will help you achieve a networking goal for your SDG program.

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