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unipdu FTD-letters to Fera - I will tell about my house

25 October 2016
Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Hallo fera, I miss you too I have received your letter and I'm good here either.
Oh, yes I will tell you about my house. My house is exactly in the way manggis, village sidokerto. In front my house there is a vast yard the walls of my house green color. The windows and doors are yellow cramic floor white color and in the living room of my house there are three badrooms lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

Basides my house there is a gardens planted banana trees and mango wich makes the atmosphere shandy, the road where the house is very quite, basides my garden there is a volleyball court when the afternoon are usually busy many people who come to see or play volleyball.

Ok fera, that is the picture of my house, which comfortably simple I hope when you can play in the my house.
Waalaikumsalam wr.wb
Your Friend
Eni Dwi Nuryati

Hello i will give you suggestion:
1. Please check your conjunction using

In front ofmy house ...

2. Be careful with your spelling

... doors are yellow cramicceramic s floor

and mango wichwhich makes the atmosphere shandy,
basides besides, my garden ...

3. Check your sentence

there are three badroomsrooms, they are lounge, kitchen and bathroom
Hi! I have some feedback for you!

...in the way manggis... should be

...at Manggis Road...

In front my house there is a vast yard the walls .... should be

The colour of my house is green and there is a vast yard in front it.

The windows and doors are yellow cramic floor ... should be

The windows and doors are covered by yellow porcelain while the floor is covered by white ceramics. In addition, another room existed in my home are the living room, three bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom.
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