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Work in Switzerland; Motivation Letter / Administrative Programme

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Sep 11, 2019   #1
Work in Switzerland; Motivation Letter / Administrative Programme, Please feel free to cut the lines that you feel don't relate to the position or unnecessary.


applying for the CERN Administrative Student Program

I am writing to express my great interest in applying for the CERN Administrative Student Program (IPT-1) which appears to be a wonderrful fit with my educational background, personal interest and career goals. I am imaginative and tenacious student of Business Administration. I always believed that business is not merely about money instead it is an art of turning a small idea into a profitable organization and creating hundreds of opportunities for talented unemployed individuals. My passion to start event management company which requires high standards of management and organizational skills led me to pursue this field. I am one of the bright students of my class and always look for opportunities to improve and polish my skills further. Confidence and present mindedness are among my best traits which distinguish me from other students.

I was nominated as class representative and known as best presenter of my batch. In my degree, I have worked on several projects related to human resource management and effective communication and leadership which got high appreciation from professors and fellow students. One of my group projects included the making of a complete business proposal about the double decker food bus in Pakistan for the first time. It was highly appreciated by the professors and investors and was considered as a potential project for funding.

I have been awarded with prestigious HEC Pakistan merit scholarship award due to my excellence in academics, extra-curricular activities and sports. Be it debates speeches and business competitions I always participated and won awards and certificates. I've also captained cricket team in my school for 2 years which won numerous tournaments. I have great interest in travelling and reading.

I have also been associated with many societies and clubs. Currently, I am working as an Associate Press Secretary in Business Management Society at university which organizes different events, workshops, seminars and conferences for the students and faculty members. My key responsibilities include; designing promotional content, lead the promotional campaigns,

schedule society-faculty meetings, preparing meeting agenda, sending invitation emails, minute taking, record keeping, documenting excel- based student database and managing social media accounts. My accomplishments include; assisting the society in organizing 5 events, 3 workshops and 1 international conference and reducing the feedback response time of student's complaints by 60 % in 2 months. All these activities polished my leadership and management skills.

This summer, I also got an opportunity of working at Innovation District 92 an incubation center backed by Pakistan's leading educational industry giant Superior Group. With District Innovation 92 as an internee, I worked with marketing manager and startups in conceptualizing marketing ideas for traditional collateral and digital content and managed social media accounts of the ID92.

I also collaborated with management team in organizing the Pakistan's biggest entrepreneurial expo in Lahore. We had the task to train 40 volunteers, assign them duties, monitor their performance, sending reminding emails to guests and startups, receiving and guiding international guests, preparing different badges for guests, volunteers, management and startups. Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2019 happened to be a great success and more than 5000 people attended this event including top government officials.

I want to work at CERN because it pushes the limits of science and will allow me to push my own limits. I find this administrative program a life changing opportunity to come, learn and undertake challenging assignments and getting involved in a work that is changing the world and unveiling the mysteries of the universe. Another important significance for me is my interest in exploring strategies of successful and highly competitive workplace environment which will help me in my future career to excel as an entrepreneur. Being part of GLOBE team, I will also have greater chances of interacting with more and more people, learn from their experiences and equip myself with event management practices and techniques which will help me to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

When I visited CERN INDICO, I was surprised to see that CERN has organized thousands of events in almost all areas of science, technology and entrepreneurship which shows high standard of professionalism and their committed to the work. This program will allow me to work with such creative minds who will open new horizons of knowledge and shape my personality. I expect this program to enhance my management, leadership and cognitive skills and to build those competences in me that are vital for success in the international business environment.

I believe my unique blend of skills; administration knowledge and prior experiences differentiates me from most of the candidates. My past experiences have allowed me to take on and complete projects and assignments of highly importance and increasing difficulty while on time and now I want to be part of your team and solve problems for world famous organization and center of excellence.

By being there I also will bring unique insight, perspective and positive attitude to the program which will help me to grow as a student in professional life. I am eager to learn as well as share my knowledge and I believe that my passion and dedication will be yet another great addition.

Thank you for reading.
Muawia Khizar Hayat

Maria - / 1,100 389  
Sep 11, 2019   #2
Hi there. Welcome to the forum! I wish you the best of luck in your application for the program. If you want to have more input on your writing, we'd be more than glad to assist you once again!

Firstly, I appreciate how you had introduced your passion for this program from the get-go. This gives you leverage as it shows how deeply rooted and committed you are in the first place. While this has been great in the beginning, you certainly should not drag it for longer than necessary. Take, for instance, the initial portion of the essay wherein you were tackling more about the issue. I suggest that you cut out the last sentence(s) in the first paragraph as they've dragged your writing for longer than what is required of you.

Furthermore, the latter portions of your essay, while concise and readable, are quite difficult to comprehend because of the number of details enclosed in the writing. It can be quite messy and indiscernible when you have numerous accounts right in front of you. I recommend that you merge and organize portions that are reflective of each other to ensure that you retain your image wisely.
OP muawia786 1 / 1  
Sep 12, 2019   #3
Thankyou @maria for your feedback. It's my first attempt towards writing big letters so can you please point out portions that need to be merged and organized?

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