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"I Always Wonder why..." - POEM

violonc_21 4 / 13  
Apr 15, 2014   #1
I always wonder why
You have such beautiful eyes
That suddenly when I catch it
I find the happiness.

Then one day I heard a sound
It was touching my heart so much
That moment I had to ask
where this music came from?

It makes me always love my home
love the morning with bright start
love the tree with pure leaf
the autumn with full of leaves,
in the summer running with yellow fields
and holding all-night-winter with warmness
When the piano sings these first notes
I'm surprised that they are you,
and from that I knew,
you could shape all flowers of spring in your mind.

I always wonder the day,
When you first falling in love
your heart must have beat so fast
and rhythms had each new change.

I'm always hurt when you get pain
For years I'm living with that,
when the past days your tears shed
Memories just go away...

I can't forget whenever you say
you remembering your childhood,
Parents, brother, the road and rainy day the most,
when life gets tough,
I wanna share everything with you.

I always wonder very much about you,
how attractive you are,
how sensitive and caring,
how funny and interesting,
and all of theses behind.

I always wonder your first child,
How beautiful that she could get
And happy faces of all your kids,
Because in that moment, I want to see your smile.

I hope you take good care for yourself
for every journey you'll take steps
for enjoying every moment you'll have
for being through sorrow and happiness,
you see clearly your life,
it's wonderful because of you!

I have never told you,
in an untold way,
How important you are to me.

You are the first and the last,
For I sing my most beautiful time in my life.

I always wonder why
You have such beautiful eyes
That whenever I see it,
I find deep in your soul peace.

- This is a poem I wrote. I'm about to send this in a special day to the one that I love so much for 7 years. This is my sided love. I'm so grateful if you all can give me some feedback, I would really appreciate. Thank you so much!

- Here in this poem:
"I always wonder why
You have such beautiful eye(s)
That suddenly when I catch it
I find the happiness.
/That whenever I see it
I find deep in your soul peace." -> I want to keep the word eye is "eyes", but that will not match the grammar with "it" in the next sentence right? Because of wanting to keep the spirit and sound, I very want to keep the original, but get a little confused.

Hope you guys can help me. Thank you for stopping by! Thanks for this chance to meet new friends. :)
Linh Hoang 5 / 12 2  
Apr 15, 2014   #2
personally, i think you should keep sound, grammar is just small error. Sometime, we can forget grammar in one poem.
OP violonc_21 4 / 13  
Apr 16, 2014   #3
Thanks for stopping by and giving me a bright feedback :D, Linh Hoang!

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