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Essay on the acknowledgement of bullying in society-

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Dec 24, 2016   #1
Lexi Evans
Mr. Ryan Jones
ENG 102 35369
December 23, 2016

Should people be educated on the meaning of bullying?

Bullying. What do you know about it? Children commit suicide because of it. Bystanders should get involved, it's the victim and bully. Bullying happens to too weak. Theses are myth and phrases connected to the word bullying. All those phrases are false but, how does anyone know if they're not educated on the topic. The true meaning of bullying needs to analyzed and understood throughout the world because of false accusations, victims underestimating the situation thus the education of bullying could provide a more positive environment.

False accusations are unintentionally made when deciphering harassment vs. normal conflict. These situations are related but also completely different.

Even though harassment and normal conflict are different the are mistaken for each other more times than not. When a child comes home crying or upset from school after an argument with a close friend's parents jump to conclusions.It's hard for parents to be objective when a situation is presented to them. They react in defense of their child. No matter if there the bully or victim. Most parents act this way based on their own experiences and encounter with people at that age.

People underestimate situations involving bullying. Victims of bully overlook what is happening to them for different reasons. '64% of children who were bullied did not report it; only 36% reported the bullying' (Petrosina, Guckenburg, DeVoe, & Hanson, 2010). Many children are afraid to tell anyone. Others are unaware anything wrong is being done to them. Due to the environment of a child bullying can feel as if it's normal. "The persistent carelessness of the dangers of bullying through the 20th century, the cultural understanding of its true nature is somewhat limited by beliefs that it is " not that big a deal" or between the "bully and the victim" " ( Steele, sec. 7, para. 1). These beliefs come from a lack of the meaning of bullying and what can be done to end it.

As mentioned before parents play a role in the situation whether it be their too involved or not involved enough. When parents have education on bullying it came make the situation easier to solve. And allows them to be more open-minded."Students reported that the most harmful things teachers/caregivers can do are: tell the student to solve the problem themselves, tell the student that the bullying wouldn't happen if they acted differently, ignored what was going on, or tell the student to stop tattling" (Davis & Nixon, 2010). Parents can change the tempo of the situation with just a little knowledge. They have more power in the situation than they think. "Parents may also normalize or minimize bullying and harassment." This goes along with the environment around the victim. Change the environment changes the society.

Acknowledgment can create more positive environments. Educating adults not just children can change the entire outlook of the whole situation. For example, when someone learns to do a math problem, they struggle at first with problems like it. Soon after understanding the problem and how to solve it, it like second nature to them. Same effects with bullying. The more someone understands the problem they can solve it. "More than half of bullying situation (57% ) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being bullied (Hawkins, Pepler, & Craig, 2001) those who choose step in understand that defending the victim against the bully can help the situation. More of society need to recognize this and make the environment better.

With knowledge, the bullying rates decrease. "Youth who self-blame and conclude they deserved to be bullied are more likely to face negative outcomes, such as depression, prolonged victimization, and maladjustment"(Perren, Ettakal, & Ladd, 2013; shelley & Craig 2010)
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Dec 24, 2016   #2
Even though harassment and normal conflict are different ...

hello lex,i would prefer you start your essay like this,the combination of even and though in a sentence is called totorlogy. i think this should be better:

Harassment and normal conflict are different, most times both are mistaken for each other.
..., parents jump to conclusions without finding the cause of the problem.It is hard for parents ...
They react in defense of their child irrespective of who is the bully or the victim. Most parents react this way based on experiences and such encounter with people .

i also think you should work on your punctuation.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4811  
Dec 24, 2016   #3
Lexi, you need to outline your discussion for this research paper before you write it. There is a clear lack of proper progression in the discussion and there is a lack of common, scientific, and lexical definition of bullying which would have helped the paper become more authoritative in presentation.

For your opening statement, you should have been better able to address the topics for discussion before presenting your actual thesis statement. That is where the outline comes in. Outlining the discussion would have helped you to better place the discussions in the paragraphs and also, helped you to see where your discussions were weak or missing some elements such as the various definitions of bullying.

There should not be paragraphs composed of only 2 sentences in a research paper. Either build on that discussion, merge it with previous or next paragraphs, or totally delete it if you cannot fit it into any of the existing discussions in the research. It can't just exist alone. it needs more supporting statements or facts in order to become relevant to the discussion.

Finally, academic papers cannot be closed with an in-text citation. You must properly summarize the discussion of your essay, which should reiterate any personal opinions that are called for, and then leave the reader with the suggestion that maybe, there are some other things that people need to consider if we are to end bullying in our society.

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