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African Americans and "white" professional baseball teams - research topic

spritecan 1 / -  
Mar 21, 2011   #1
Hi, I have been given a research topic that I have two sets of problems. First, I don't exactly get what the topic question is trying to ask specifically. Second, I am not sure how I would go about researching this topic. My English isn't the best so I hope I can get whatever feedback to get me started.

Topic Question:
In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the "Color Bar" that had kept African Americans from participating on "white" professional baseball teams. Why was this so contentious? Analyze the history of the game from the point of view of race?

My interpretation:
I think it is asking me to look at historical instances in baseball, based on a racial black/white perspective, and relate it to the significance to how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. In other words, explain some instances of history that explains the significance of Robinson being the first black player in major league baseball. Is this the correct interpretation of this topic question ?

I been reading quite a bit on the Negro leagues and early baseball history. What should I be looking for in trying to relate this to my paper? As bad as it sounds I am completely lost. How would I structure this essay?

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Mar 24, 2011   #2
Well, do you understand the word contentious? It means when he broke the color bar, it caused a lot of arguments and anger.

I think you should start by looking at a "history of basketball." Can you find that online?

Start by writing a sentence about basketball when it was first being played in this country. Early basketball. Who was playing? Just white people?

Add a sentence to give an example or explain what you mean. Then, write a sentence to reflect on how it affected the way black and white people felt about one another. In this way, you will complete your first BODY PARAGRAPH.

Keep reading until you think of another sentence. Extend that into another body paragraph.

Do not worry about how to structure the essay. Just begin each paragraph with a PARAGRAPH TOPIC SENTENCE.

When you have written several body paragraphs, go back and write an intro paragraph with a thesis statement.
Then, go to the end of the essay and write a conclusion.

The important point is this: Each paragraph will express an observation about how basketball affected race relations.
you can do it! Just read until you can write the first sentence.


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