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Research paper on Science fair project. Help fast due tomorrow.

samuraitom 23 / 18  
Dec 17, 2006   #1
Well, it's not much of a research paper. I been procrastinating lately because winter break is just 2 days away. I can't believe the science fair projects are due when school almost out. I didn't put too much effort into the essay if you read it. I'm pretty bad with introductions and conclusions. Please revise, thanks.

The larger the wing area, the farther it fly which is what the experiment prove.
The basis of the experiment was to find out which paper gliders would fly the farthest.
The day that the experiment was a rather breezy day which results in unusual distances
that the gliders traveled. The experiment was completed at 4:00 PM on Sunday.

The basics for flight is drag, lift, and thrust. Without these and there cannot flight.
The gliders that were used in the experiment were the basic square shape crafted on 12x12 cardstock. After that each were labeled with numbers to identify them apart. The power tape was stretched over the ground in the backyard. The distances were measured in meters. The gliders were released at the beginning of the power tape. The technique used to throw the gliders was a simple procedure. The plane was held behind the head and launched forward. Each glider had 10 trials. The distance were written in a table in the logbook.

After that, the table was analyzed and the average distances of each glider was calculated. Bar graphs were then made for each glider. X axis being the number of trials and Y being the distance. After the points were connected, the average distance of the gliders was put in as a red horizontal line on the graph. The result of the experiment was that the smaller the wing, the shorter distance it travels. As you increase the wing area, there will also be an increase in distance traveled. As is evident in the experiment. The small glider with the wing area of 29.25 cm2 traveled the least distance with 1.69 meters. The medium glider with the wing area of 37 cm2 traveled an average distance of 2.13 meters. The large glider with the wing area of 41 cm2 traveled an average distance of 2.92 meters.

Though the plane also had to have weight. Without weight, the glider would not travel very far even with a large wing area. Since without weights, the glider would have been to light. The material also needed to be rather durable. Newspaper which is too flimsy would have make a bad glider. The gliders did not have rudders or elevators added to them. Adding these in would have also affected the results. The experiment proved my hypothesis that the larger the wing area the farther it would fly.

Wing area is important among other things, too small a wing and it would barely fly. Too large a wing would barely fly too. Depending on the weight and thrust of the plane. The experiment was a success, which prove that a large wing area contributes to longer flight to achieve more distance.

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