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Research paper on Steps to be a Pediatrician... MLA FORMAT

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Pediatric Field

Pediatricians are needed and its a high demand for them now a days. When we have our children we want a licensed well trained doctor to care for our children. Rather then someone who just went through school so they could make money but someone who loves children and has a love for what they do. Doctors period have people lives in there hands but pediatricians have babies and toddlers lives in their hands little children that haven't did anything to anybody so its important for them to catch every detail. Pediatricians are needed because the rate in children being born is very high right now and most children being born need extra care.

Everyone can agree that the number of children being born is going up but it's at low compared to other years. A little over 8 million babies are born per year. Now having babies is like a trend. According to a article in the medical news today it states 6% of babies born have/are born with birth defects and 3 million will not reach age 5. But those defects and deaths could be reduced if more health care providers and programs were out there. Meaning the number of baby doctors are needing to go up also so each child that needs care gets the appropriate care and time.

Pediatrician when people hear that word they automatically think of baby doctor which is true. But a pediatrician "is an doctor who, with distractions and tickles, cajoles voiceless babes and wary toddlers into making audible their woes" says A.R. Colon. Basically saying its a doctor who cares for babies, toddlers, and sometimes teens. But along with caring for children you have to have all the knowledge that's needed to know what illness they have- what medicine to prescribe and what doses. It takes a lot of schooling and education to finally make it to be an pediatrician and making money like all other doctors.

Their are many steps to becoming a pediatrician but one of the steps are the Education/Schooling requirements to become a pediatrician is a lot of training and going to different types of schools. The first one of course is high school you have to take all your chemistry, biology, calculus, english and all those classes and pass them with at least a B. Also while in high school you'll need to get involved with tour school in some kind of activities and join clubs. So you can get into a four year college/university no matter if its big or small. After high school you'll need 4 years of undergraduate courses at either a college or university. Which is where you'll take and complete all your basics and some of the courses needed to move on. After those 4 years you need to get a BS, BA, or Bachelor's degree of some kind because moving on to medical school you don't need to necessarily obtain a science degree. As long as you take the courses that medical schools require:

Biology - 1-2 courses of basic, 1 course of genetics, 1 course of microbiology, 1 course of molecular biology.
Chemistry - 1-2 courses in basic, 1-2 courses of Organic Chemistry.
Physics - 1 course in basic.
Math - 2 courses in calculus. (Steven J. Halm)

Now is where medical school comes into play and as the Arthur of becoming a pediatrician says, "almost 99% of the time , you will complete the program and become a doctor". Medical school takes 4 years the first two will be just like studying the basics of medical sciences in different areas. But the last two years is when you get the hands on training part and that's the part where you really figure out the specialty area you want to work in. There are several choices of areas to choice from and this is where your confirmation of things will come in at so you'll be sure where you're going. You learn a bunch. After 4 years of medical school comes 3 years of residency. Which is the most difficult part of the whole process if pediatrics are chosen this is where your skills are refined. You come more responsible for the patients you'll have to deal with and also they're parents. That's apart of it you have to deal with stressed out parents but have to stay profession and compassionate. Going through this will have your emotions going wild you'll see children fighting to get through their illness that are so strong, then you'll see children that are so sick and parents that are devoted to their children and are going through it tough, and the worse you'll see children who don't make it. You'll have physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Like working 75-100+ hours per week taking from basically your whole social life away and getting minimum wage salaries. But during residency is when you'll actually start getting paid. There's another step but its optional if you want to go on to a sub-specialize of Fellowship. Fellowship is typically a 2-4 year program of further training that focuses your efforts on certain Pediatric areas of expertise.

Areas like:
Pediatrician/Neonatologist, Pediatric Allergist/Asthma/Immunologist, and ect.

Now after the education comes the money. The starting salary for a pediatrician is about $135,000.
" An average starting salary for a pediatrician is around $135,000 per annum while the one with few years of medical experience receives about $175,000 a year. In addition, an average hourly wage for a pediatrician is about $77.60 per hour which averages to about $161,410 on an annual basis." (Healthcare salaries)

With a base pay offer of $189,000 a year, on average, family practitioners, pediatricians, and psychiatrists are offered the lowest pay of all physicians, according to the medical search and consulting firm Merritt Hawkins & Associates' 2012 Review of Physician Recruiting Incentives.(Jacquelyn Smith)

While its not the highest paid career it's a good career to have and you know you'll always have a job. Even open up your own private family pediatric practice and that'll bring in more money while you're doing what you love. But as you get higher in your career the more your money goes up you just have to be patient.

The job market for a pediatrician is good. Because the well trained pediatrician is on demand in the medical field and always will be so to speak. The demand for trained schooled pediatricians are high most of the time because people are steady having children and younger children are more likely to be sick more and everything. With the medical pediatrician field there are different kinds of jobs available like the general regular pediatrician which focuses mostly overall on the health of babies, children, and teens. The second kind of job available is a Pediatric Specialist which specializes in various fields of study, the third is Neonatologist which received special training in treating and caring for premature babies or infants. Not saying the baby is sick but the baby is born earlier so everything's not fully developed. The fourth is Pediatric Sports Medicine which focus on early teens that are injured. Another is a Pediatric Surgeon which focused primarily on children to early teens that need any surgery.(

In the Pediatric/ Pediatrician field it's a lot of work a lot of money spent on schooling but its a great career to have and take part of and it's growing as time moves on. You might spends thousands on your schooling but once all the schooling is over and you can actually start your career it's well worth it. If you love babies, children, and love helping people out the pediatric medical field is the one for you and at the end of the day you won't regret it. Because the demand for pediatricians are high and the children need extra help and can't give it to themselves.
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Nov 19, 2013   #2
Pediatricians are needed and its a high demand for them now a days.

Pediatricians play an important role in the medical profession and there is a high demand for them today.

When we have our children we want a licensed well trained doctor to care for our children.

People always look for a licensed and well trained doctor to take care of their children.

Rather thenthan someone who just went through school so they could make money but someone who loves children and has a love for what they do.

... this is pretty confusing. I feel you should have combined this idea with the previous sentence;
People always look for a licensed and well trained doctor to take care of their children rather than letting that responsibility in the hands of someone who is not professionally qualified.

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