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Police brutality and the effect of the black community

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Jun 10, 2020   #1
Raven W
English 102
Collen Koblinski
June 7, 2020

Police Brutality

Police brutality and the use of excessive force in the Black community are no secrets to violation of human rights in the united states. Police brutality has become a recurring issue every day though the communities of African Americans and minorities. Police brutality in the United States is an unwarranted illegal use of force against civilians by U.S police officers. Broader police brutality includes false arrest, intimidation, and verbal abuse, and many levels of mental and emotional attacks. The assault ranges from assaults to death. Police brutality has been an issue and a major concern for those of the minority community.

By human rights law, victims have a position to withstand police brutality where perfectly needed to prevent dangerous and irreparable damage. Notably, police brutality entailing extrajudicial kills persecution and inhuman intervention may be rejected, but now illegal arrest for which is the due process can attempt before the courts.

Incidents at Vienna there tends to be the organization created between Vienna drug issue and the city continent migrants. This had led to the creation of bad social stereotypes which have so led to racial identification of African migrants because of these bad associations their ethnicity.

Police violence Is the leading cause of death in young men. One and every black man can be expected to be killed by a police officer. The risk of being killed by a police officer peaks between the ages of 20 years and 35 years for men. Several factors Today, Police officers use deadly excessive force that leads to inexcusable assaults, beating, and shootings. Police brutality has been an issue for decades and needs to cease. Unsurprising, the three largest states- California Texas, and Florida- have the highest total number of killings by police officers.

African American males have been targeted amongst police Brutality with an easy simple task such as racial profiling. Racial profiling targets individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. Police have risen to have committed the most killings today. Police c .killer 1,098 people in 2019 from research database mapping policy evikence.org. Other data has shown that black people are more likely to be stopped by police from the police department in California black residents make up 28% of the Oakland population, they accounted for 60% of police stops. Black men are also four times likely to be searched during traffic control stops. Communities that are subjected to racial profiling are overly policed, unjust, and misrepresented in the criminal justice center.

As we know violence can be preserved any many forms of use, however, aby behavior designed to inflict injury on people or people property is causing the act of violence.

``Through over the past decade, there has been witnessed of media images of law enforcement officers shooting and, in many cases, killing unarmed African American men. Social media took a better scoop into cases of racial discrimination. Although police departments now become eager for solutions that will reduce racial disparities police chiefs know what the stacks are.

There are more than 1500 law enforcement agencies across the country that operate and a federal and state level. Few of them focus on the treatment of minorities by white officers. '

Michael Brown death huff post shows among black respondents 76% said the shooting was amongst a broader pattern how police officer treats black men while 35% of black men agreed. The killing of unarmed black men is deeply embedded in the race of our country.

The blatant and unequal treatment of people of color has gained more attention and has been asking for a significant amount of change.
There is evidence of racial disparities across the board from law enforcement. The root of the disparities is not always clear. There are systemic problems as well as biased views.

Underlined in the discussion are three important topics that are microsomes of black people. Firstly, the black people victims of 400 plus year-long competition struggle. Second, the black people experience the unhealthy degree of entitlement both the place misuse and oppress black women and those places to help without reciprocation.

Black people in America have been subject to racist found hostility since the time that the early slave ships landed. Black females have all class racialized, and class-based hostility that colored males are subject to with the increase of sexualized force, some of which perpetuated on intercommunal men by men like Stephen Clark.

In today's world, we have the question with police brutality. A Trevor Noah brilliantly said, this is not only the African- American subject, it's the American issue. The overreach force disproportionately affects minorities, but it does not just impact minorities. Not only does cruelty occur across the range of racial and economic channels, it also involves our family member, friends, and neighbors. Prejudice policing is destroying societies and worsening racist separation in America. If this is not land you need to go at, you will do something about it.

Saving lives isn't the work for everyone as matter of fact, most people might believe that saving lives is only just a work superhero. Still some real-life superheroes get work every day - saving live in their characters as paramedics. What does it mean to remain the pandemic? There are several ways to answer this question, looking at everything from the training to these everyday responsibilities, to the results of the job they do. But like most other professions, you can see, that being the paramedic means making and working for life-saving outcomes and requires a specific skill set, as well as some extra characters that permit you to be able to react to time emergencies.

Despite these many deaths of unarmed citizens, large national outcry and the growth of this black Lives Matter movement, police brutality against brown and people of color remains. One of the reasons why this even occurs is that the country, we have concentrated on being reactive rather than active. Reviewing pictures from body cameras getting grand juries, setting civil rights lawsuits and this like same can not ultimately prevent these deaths or fix what families and communities have suffered. Rather speaking the rood cause of police brutality is the preventative scheme that can be more important and have positive ripple effects across different sectors of the American community

In reaction to this continuous and increasing apparent hostility against black societies in the USA and Globally the collective of more than 50 organizations comprising thousands of colored people from across the country have come together with renewed energy, strategy and aim to formulate the common vision and plan. The change for Black lives in 5 core pillars.

The number of people in the USA likely accept that quiet objection is the proper answer to police brutality, yet is the only answer we should have from young African American and Latino men who are daily stopped, frisked, molested, crushed, tazed and shot by enforcement. Even those who represent nonviolent turn out to be victims of police cruelty.

Police cruelty is nothing new to the Untied States. As the early 1865, there are reports of police officers savagely beating and defeating dramatic line workers. In more recent years cops have taken this messy work of operating protest of both work groups and minorities. In some of these cases, the last outcome was acts of brutality. In 1961, the supreme court would no longer go back and follow police brutality, which in the time moment was concentrated on African- Americans. To keep more police brutality and provide assistance to house holds who endure injury in the hands of the cop. The supreme court offered title 42 part of 1983 of the United States code to apply to police brutality. Under the law of victims of police brutality would immediately sue at Federal Court and take damages. Studies of Police brutality skyrocketed by around 300 percent more only in a decade, with just one in 100 leading to the sentence. There were also 720 deaths at police custody because of police activity at 2011/2012 ( Smith king, 22 Aug 2013)

How do we go about stopping police brutality, first of tracking the problem there is no government clear house for date on police killing or the use of force. When government does keep data it is not all the way factual sometime incomplete. Police information should be accessible through the freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens to request their records from public agency. Stopping police brutality also means changing police culture. Training needs to be reinvented on how to serve and protect in the community. The police culture needs to understand ways to reduce racial biases among police officers. Training in procedural justice, this focuses on fairness and equality. There are regulatory way to gain knowledge such as 1) require officer to de-escalate before using force; 2) using guideline defining what kind of force is being use 3) having the partner or other officers intervene if one of their colleagues is using force. 4) state verbal warning before using deadly force.

Drastic measure is needed to put a stop to these unethical police corruption. The killing of George Floyd woke up a lot of Americans. 78% of Americans believe the officer that killed Floyd should be charged. It is a great day in history that everyone across the world is working together to change history.

1)This is a rough draft of research paper. I believer I can do a better job with delivery of my subject. This is such a extraordinary time of change and justice that is being viewed and accepted. When writing this essay, it was hard to focus on all the events that kept changing every day. One this that did stay consistence was fighting for justice. I feel like this can be expressed more.
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Jun 10, 2020   #2
Let's start with the basics. Your thesis statement is not clear. Your covered topics are too broad and are difficult to reconcile within the presented draft. You have to narrow the focus of your content. I would suggest that instead of focusing on the black community, you concentrate instead on a blanket discussion of police brutality based instead on general considerations. Look at police brutality in a comparison mode. Between Blacks, Asians, Whites, and other minority groups. That way the discussion of violence becomes more of a large scale racial concern instead of being merely focused on the black community. Represent all the abused races. That way the discussion will stand out.

You also use sources that are way too old for this presentation. Any information dating before 2015 is not considered a reliable reference as those figures have already changed, laws may have been altered as to prevent police brutality, or other situations have occurred that better illustrate your discussion points. You need to use the most current information you can find so that you can create a relevant, informative, and up to date discussion presentation. It has to come full circle, using a comparison of information representing various races and, if required, ethnicity.

The essay has potential. It is just too scattered right now. You need to bring it closer to a truly manageable discussion point. Outline the essay. Don't just focus on what is current, look into the 5 year history of the violence. Don't just say the Black community is brutalized, represent the unknown parameters. Police abuse is not exclusive to the Black community alone. You need to make sure that the research represents that so that you can fully inform, educate, and enlighten the reader about the topic.

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