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Psychological disorder; Research paper outline and content develop

youkickedmydog 1 / 1  
Mar 17, 2013   #1
hello everybody,
this is my outline for my APA style 2,000 research paper on a chosen mental disorder.

a. Describes the diagnosis criteria
b. Describes the current recommended treatments
c. Compares and contrasts recommendations from the scientific literature

Research paper outline

Basic Description of disorder, symptoms, onset, demographics, difficulty of diagnosis (all stated within DSM IVTR, not so much for demographics and treatment, treatment options and recommendations

1)Diagnosis Criteria
Difficulty of diagnosis, diagnosis criteria and symptoms, definition of major symptoms, as stated from the DSM IVTR, differential diagnosis (other disorders that may seem similar to this disorder and how they are differentiated), types of tests and examinations given to determine if they have disorder

Causes and risks of disorder

2)CURRENT recommended treatments
Descriptions in paragraphs of each the many different treatments ( each put into separate subheadings, like subheading - psychotherapy, subheading - medication and the few of the different types)

3)Comparison and contrast of recommendations from scientific literature (experiments done previously that conclude the recommendation of treatments...?)

(not too sure)
Easy or hard to understand disorder,
Prognosis (Outlook of success of treatments on individuals with the disorder in the future)
Little or lot research is done on disorder

mhss 18 / 53 18  
Mar 18, 2013   #2
Note the alterations,
1) Diagnostic Criteria

Difficulty in diagnosis

Different treatments ARE described ONE in EACH paragraph.

I hope the language should be more formal for a research abstract. Log to "pub med" and get an idea.
OP youkickedmydog 1 / 1  
Mar 18, 2013   #3
Hello Thank you for your reply!
This is not an actual outline but a representation of the idea map I want to put on my research paper. Sorry, I was not clear.

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