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Researched response paper about a particular topic for ex. dementia and eating difficulty

silver007 1 / 1  
Mar 29, 2014   #1

My professor is asking me to write a response about a particular topic (for example dementia and eating difficulty). The paper is short 750 words and must contain 3 references.

How should I go about this paper?

Is there a specific style I would include? All of the information that I looked up regarding response papers were responses to a particular text/article that was read, not asking me to find articles to respond to a topic.

Thank you
collegebound28 13 / 22  
Mar 29, 2014   #2
I think what he want is research paper not a response paper. A response paper usually involves talking about a specific text. You should contact your professor to clarify the nature of the paper. In a research paper you must look for sources such as books, journals and scholarly papers to provide evidence for what your saying in the paper, also you can and should use quotes from these sources to help clarify and provide support in your discussion of the topic. It is very important when you write a paper like this to cite when using quotes or other information from outside sources, in order to avoid plagiarism. You should also avoid using I, me, you and other personal pronouns in this kind of paper- this is not a discussion of how you personally feel about the topic. Again I would highly suggest that you talk to your professor about what kind of paper he would like you to write; response and research papers are very different.
OP silver007 1 / 1  
Apr 2, 2014   #3
Yes that is the confusing part to me. I read that responses are usually towards one paper/article. She is asking me to respond to a topic and use 3 articles. I have spoken to her and asked if it is a short essay or research paper and she said no it is a response.

I am lost here. We have to do a minimum of four and my first two received poor grades.
collegebound28 13 / 22  
Apr 3, 2014   #4
perhaps she's asking to respond to the three articles? Ask her to clarify exactly what she wants; also you can show her at least the intro to your paper and ask if you're on the right track.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Apr 22, 2014   #5
How should I go about this paper?

Google is the best friend. Everything you can find there. Also, If you think that you need some feedback, you post your writing as a preliminary draft here. Or, if you don't want to post it, use this site (EF) to look at other peoples' essays for ideas.

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