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War in Iraq English Draft

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War in Iraq

If the average American was given the choice to go to war based on the same events that happened in 2002 including the manipulation provided by the Bush administration many would undoubtedly deny going to war given the circumstances. The people certainly wouldn't stand by this decision and fight it especially if their own government is spreading misinformation based on a failure of intelligence just to provoke an outgoing war with another country. This however is the same situation currently happening in the Ukraine war. The Ukraine war is an event caused by misinformation where Nato is blamed for backing up a Nazi Regime in Ukraine while Yevgeny Prigozhin also maintains a reputation of providing misinformation; he's now the topic of this war. Although both ears are completely different the use of misinformation provided to the public is what makes them relatable. Oftentimes leaders like this tend to misinform the public in order to maintain or to gain approval from the public of third parties in order to continue their treacherous acts. These leaders don't care how many lives are put at stake or how much taxpayer money is used to cover the war they only care about the ultimate goal which is never spoken about in public but most of the time includes draining resources from these countries.

Information concluded states that most Americans in 2023 are against the war that happened in Iraq based on the facts they have now obtained and the information provided about how the public was reeled in to believe that this war was for a good cause as stated by Louis Fisher "Month after month, the administration released claims that were unproven." (Fisher Deciding on war against Iraq: institutional failures.), in order to maintain a positive outlook on their reputation. Although people are well informed about how mischievous the government can be they still fail to see that not everything presented by the government is true, most of the information presented is just to manipulate the public. Although the war in Iraq was proven to be a failure of spreading democracy throughout the region it is now argued that because of the acts committed throughout this war the regime of autocrats was strengthened considering that the United States tried to use military force in order to spread democracy. This is just an example of how the war in Iraq shaped not only the U.S but also Iraq. Information leaked shows the response of congress members after they were presented with the imminent threat that Sadeem represented in order to rush into a war and the congress members argued that no new information was provided in order to have a plentiful reason to go to war, House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi argued that "no information that the threat is so imminent from Iraq" (Fisher Deciding on war against Iraq: institutional failures.) which shows the thought regarding the congress about the Iraq war. In addition, the current President of the United states, Biden claimed in 2019 that he opposed this war and stated "I did make a bad judgment, trusting the president saying he was only doing this to get inspectors in and get the U.N. to agree to put inspectors in. From the moment 'shock and awe' started, from that moment, I was opposed to the effort, and I was outspoken as much as anyone at all in the Congress and the administration." which proves how the manipulation of this information not only misinformed the public but also politicians into giving approval for this war. Although the misinformation provided about this war was a terrible act after the war the consequences were more severe since more ten thousand lives of U.S and Iraq soldiers were lost not including the innocent civilians simply to fight a war based on manipulation tactics provided by the then President Bush, the war also altered the U.S economy considering that this war was estimated of costing three-trillion dollars or even more. This just goes to prove how far our government will go in order to obtain what they want no matter the blood shed or the taxpayers money. In order to prevent anything so close to similar from happening again it is important to maintain this event in the U.S history in order to prevent the youth from repeating it.

In conclusion, in order to prevent these events from reoccuring the education system should be forced to include this event in the U.S history books in order to educate the youth about this war so that it's prevented from happening again. If this event isn't added to the U.S history books the least we can do as parents is educate our kids about our nation's past, considering that the new generations are the future of America all the errors committed by our elders should be taught to the younger ones so that they learn from our mistakes and our past generations mistakes. Considering that the Bush administration manipulated the public to obtain approval for the Iraq war it is deemed important to show our youth that this is wrong so when newer generations take command they know what to do and what not to do especially if somehow this information is passed on to the United States future President.

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