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First SOP Draft Msc in CS. English is my 2nd language and change in background is making it hard.

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Jan 28, 2018   #1

becoming a professional in cloud computing field

We as a collective species have attained a pinnacle of technological advancement. Or is it? It's always a no. Like the advancements in science and computing where a relatively new technology today is obsolete next year. Cloud is one among the latest technologies in the world of networking and computing and I'm very avid in becoming a professional in cloud computing field.

My undergraduate course offered wide curriculum of integrated subjects like Electrical, Computers, Telecommunications, and Instrumentation. My two years at high school prepared me for what to expect in undergraduate level strengthening my knowledge in applied science and mathematics. With ardent hard work I secured a distinction in my high school. Now I aspire to Specialize in Computer science and needless to say I want to do my post graduate in a country pioneering in advanced education and Ireland is one of them.

While I was fervent on keeping myself contemporary on advancements in technology, I was disclosed to subjects like Communication systems, data structures, Computer networking, Operating systems Object oriented programming language in my undergraduate course. A 6th semester subject computer networks really kindled my interest towards networking and data transporting. I started self-preparing about data communication network, IPV4 and IPV6 overview, and routing protocol like IS-IS network. I determined myself to make a career in networking.

I consider myself to be a very creative person who works in an ideal way to achieve what he wants in a smart and sophisticated manner. As someone who loves creativity it was very easy for me get into web application development. I took an interning opportunity with a start-up. In my time there I worked with ionic framework, and Node JS gaining knowledge on how to run node commands and install packages, on top of apache Cordova. Another project I worked on after completing my bachelors was how to develop a devops enabled e-commerce website. I gained substantial hands on experience in HTML, CSS3, JAVA, Eclipse and databases like H2 and SQL.

After my engineering I had a choice of further continuing my academics or get into the industry for a full time job, I chose the latter to get some real world experience and my first job was at "Reliance jio infocomm limited" a fortune 500 company and one of the most influential companies in India for past 40 years. I was hired as a network engineer. My role in the company is a planning engineer for backhaul. My job description includes designing LTE IMPLS network with topologies and assigning IP routing protocols. I primarily worked with enterprise software's like GIS and Ericson NE, which are used to design the network architecture. My interest for Cloud computing is very recent. I attended a developer's seminar where I was introduced to topics such as Sys-ops, IoT, cloud computing and many such technologies. I researched a lot about cloud computing and services offered by cloud such as AWS ,but I could not go as far as I wanted with self-learning because of the limited resources and time availability, so I chose to be relieved from my full time job and get back into the academic word. My only option was college and I chose to do my MSc in a pioneer place in IT and Ireland was the perfect choice because it proved high quality education in the IT sector and at very reasonable cost. After my graduation it would be a dream come true to work for some time here and move on to research in my desired field

I am looking forward to reinforce and continuously upgrade my fundamentals in computer science by persuading further studies at post graduate level with your esteemed university
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Jan 28, 2018   #2
Balaganesh, this is a personal statement. So you cannot use this for a statement of purpose (SOP). The SOP contains highly different information. None of which is located in this essay. So, you have to write a totally new essay and put a pin in this one in case a personal statement is ever required for your MS application essays. This leads me to ask the question, were you given a specific set of questions to respond to by the university for your SOP discussion presentation? If yes, then what are those questions? If no, then you should develop a more appropriate SOP based on the following guide questions:

1. Are you changing careers? Is that what you meant by change in background is making it hard? If yes, then explain what your current career is and why you suddenly decided to shift career gears from one to the other. Be clear in your explanation. Indicate if this is a change to a related field or not. If related, explain what the relationship is so that you can imply that you actually have a foundation in your studies or work field that will allow you to adjust to the new career you wish to undertake.

2. Describe the reason why you are motivated to change careers. What made you interested in it? If this is a new interest for you, explain how you came to know of this field. Can you offer undergraduate evidence of some sort of studies that relate to Cloud Computing that you can say will help you be a performing student when you study this course?

3. What is the exact purpose of your desire to enter this field of computer science? Cloud Computing is not something that everyone has an interest in so you have to justify your interest through a cloud computing related purpose through your previous career.

4. Why did you choose this particular university to study at? Delve on the specific programs and training you can receive in relation to your post study plans.

5. Explain how completing this course at this university will help you to transfer from one career to another. What is your plan for your future after you graduate? Think about immediate career plans if you cannot envision a 5 year career plan in this new field yet.

The guide questions provided will help you create a new, more appropriate SOP draft. With proper editing, the new essay will be useful in your application because the current one that you have developed doesn't really perform that task.

Home / Graduate / First SOP Draft Msc in CS. English is my 2nd language and change in background is making it hard.
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