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Academic excellence and character. Recommendation for a student to get Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Hthmn 6 / 14 3  
Dec 31, 2016   #1
My professor in the university wrote this letter of recommendation for me today; however, I am not contented with it. So I post it here to get some great help from you. Especially wit word limits, as I need this letter to consist only 300 words. Thank you in Advance for your help.

promising student of either Finance or International Business Administration School

I have known Mr. Haithm Noman as a BA student studying at the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, IBB University Yemen, where I taught him several courses: Partnership Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Auditing, and Accounting Theory. His final score for these course were a stellar consistently excellent, and I confidently ranked him as the top student in the class which consists of 457 students.

I have come to know Mr. Noman for more than three years where he proves to be a hardworking and excellent student. His assignments and presentations demonstrated an ability to integrate ideas to create larger frameworks for discussions by always wanting to go beyond the confines of the text and the classroom. Furthermore, he has an inquisitive mind and ingenious ability to comprehend, analyze and assimilate various accounting and auditing concepts.

Mr. Noman possesses an eye for research and presentation skills. I supervised his Graduation Research in which he investigated The Role of Internal Auditors in Fraud Detection in Yemeni Public Institutions. He has demonstrated an excellent performance in approaching the final goals by finding how each type of fraud is committed, suggesting prevention strategies, and composing the research investigation report in a well-organized manner. The research was indeed compelling and indicated the high-quality of research that can be expected from Mr. Noman in the future.

In addition to his exceptional academic excellence, I find Mr. Noman is a person of very good character, polite and elegant, and willing to help others, as well as confident in face of challenges. He is very popular among accountancy school students as he tried to help them in every aspects he was able to.

Mr. Noman combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, enthusiastic character, and ability to carry out independence research and group projects will certainly make him a promising student of either Finance or International Business Administration School. Therefore, I highly recommend him to be an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship recipient and I can assure you that he will make an excellent addition to your masteral study student roster.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you require any further information.

rnsnz18 10 / 33 4  
Dec 31, 2016   #2
What is wtobg with the letter is that your professor mentions a lot of qualities about you but never give stories about his relationship with you, tell him/her to just focus on a few qualities that he/she considerd are the most remarkable about you. This will help with the word limit because instead of waste space with lots of qualities will focus in just a few and it will be better. Besides, in the firs paragraph your professor mention a lot of courses when it could be summed up to just say " accounting courses". Then change the next sentence to sonethibg like " His excelent performance on my courses is the best I saw among my students".

Tell your professor to share stories where it can be clearly inferred that you have a deep relationship with your professor and that cab prove the qualities your professor see on you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,094 3254  
Jan 1, 2017   #3
Noman, you can skip paragraph 4 of this letter of recommendation. It doesn't really serve a purpose in the essay because the teacher is not your teacher in charge nor is he your guidance counselor. So he is not considered an authority when it comes to discussing your moral character and ability to interact with your classmates. Focus the letter only the topics that are relevant to his relationship with you. That is the discussion of his observations regarding your abilities as a student and a researcher. Do not change anything in the first paragraph. It is very relevant when it comes to helping the reviewer understand the kind of guidance this teacher offered you and why he has a certain observation about you in relation to certain academic related activities. The rest of the essay will be better once you remove the irrelevant paragraph 4.

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