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Oct 15, 2018   #1
Hi Essay Forum Community! I hope you can help me review my Leadership Essay. Thank you in advance! MCTP

leadership relies on the relationships

Through experience, I have learned that working in the public sector is particularly defying. Several external circumstances can decide the success or failure of a project: limited administrative terms, political interests that differ from local needs, lack of synergy between government departments.

As I was appointed Project Manager of (Name of Town) Camina, I was aware of these challenges, as several of our proposals had been rejected in the past. From the beginning, I felt passionate about its transformative capabilities, and have worked for its success ever since.

(Name of Town) is a small town of 65.000 residents. 60% of its people walk as their primary means of transportation, through broken, narrow sidewalks, and streets filled with parked cars and motorcycles. (Name of Town) Camina aims to reshape the way streets are imagined, from vehicle-centered corridors to shared public spaces. This radical transformation of the town's way of moving presents significant demands for the community, the local administration, and the design team.

To achieve in a brief period of time, a project that acknowledges its context and receives approval by all reviewing departments, I have had to be a bold thinker and active leader. Managing a team through the redesign of 2.5 km of streets and leading primary communication with public agencies, requires efficacy; therefore, I proposed a design-research scheme that very much relied on inter-dependent work.

To start with, we determined a series of guidelines with our project's vision in mind and divided it into circuits. Each team member developed one circuit while researching and reading about a subject that they felt could nourish the design process. This allowed us to keep motivated at times when daily activities felt too repetitive or discouraging. During weekly team meetings, we discussed common difficulties and imagined possible strategies for them and shared our research and new acquired knowledge through open discussions on shared streets. This creative approach helped us shape the project's discourse while solving complex challenges in a collaborative and effective way. With such a well-informed vision, I presented our final proposal and positively influenced the decisions made by the city council, which had expressed reservations with the plan's scope and cost.

I believe my emotional resilience, mindfulness and social awareness were key to enable effective team actions and persuasive political outreach; which allowed us to accomplish an innovative mobility project for the Metropolitan Area. Today, after a lengthy process of design, socializing and debates, our plan has been approved and will start construction in the following months.

Through incredible difficulties and rewarding moments, I have learned leadership relies on the relationships you establish and cultivate with your collaborators; ultimately, they can shape circumstances and transform communities. I am certain the Chevening scholarship will allow me to learn from new people, encounter new ideas and further develop my leadership and influencing skills, helping me become an agent of change for my country.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4811  
Oct 16, 2018   #2
Maria, you focused too much on explaining the project in the essay that your leadership skills became a mere after thought. To top it off, there is no credible reference to any influencing skills coming from you within the workplace either. This essay only defines what you think leadership means, how you think you embody it, what your work situation was, and how you led the project. You led, but did not influence anything in the project it seems. Your role was more of delegation rather than actual leadership. You were more of a friend to your team subordinates rather than an influencer. You did not really have any real problems with the project that challenged your leadership and influencing abilities on a professional or community level. So this essay is nothing more than an exercise in narrative writing on your part. There is no effective or remarkable sense of leadership and influencing coming out of this piece of work.

While indicating that the project was a success indicates your ability to complete a project, that does not necessarily exemplify an effective leadership or influencing role, which is what the reviewer will be looking for in your presentation. This essay just doesn't work. You need to display your conflict resolution abilities at the very least, on a professional scale if not a community based one that highlights your leadership and influencing roles. This is a non-competitive essay that cannot help strengthen your application during a time when you are up against some of the best qualified applicants for the Chevening Scholarship.
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Oct 21, 2018   #3
Thank you so much, I really appreciate the help and time you give not me, but everyone else. I have been reading other essays and your comments, and I've been working on all my essays again. Hopefully, I will post them soon, and receive some more advice.

Have a good weekend!

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