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Archaeology and Art History - GKS Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Scholarship

carisamano02 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2019   #1
I am applying for the GKS for graduate school. This is my statement of purpose.

Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

The goal for my academic pathway is to gain a master's degree in Archaeology and Art History. I have selected the Art History programs at Myongji University and Ewha Womans University, and the history with focus on archaeology program at Sungkyunkwan University. I chose these subjects despite my bachelor's degree in history because of my interest and desire to conduct research on the art history and archaeology of Korea. I am fascinated by artifacts and their historical significance, which is why I have chosen this path for graduate school. My interest subject of research lies specifically in the Three Kingdoms Period and China`s influence on Korea, such as with calligraphy and Buddhist art, as well the motifs in artifacts and their relation to motifs in Chinese and Japanese art. I am confident that my previous knowledge gained through my undergraduate degree in History and minor in Asian Studies will serve as a foundation in conducting my graduate research. I have beginning to intermediate level of proficiency of the Korean language that will help me with the first year of Korean language courses. The study plan for my research will begin with subjects on ancient Korean history and introduction to archaeology and art history. I will continue my research with topics on Korean ceramics, painting, architecture, calligraphy and Buddhist art, as well as ancient Korean history through artifacts. I will also take courses on Chinese and Japanese art and history in order to strengthen my subject of research. Lastly, I will conduct research on museology and archaeological methods. After the completion of the core courses of my program, I will prepare for the completion of my thesis.

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asmara1 1 / 4  
Mar 8, 2019   #2
carisamano02 there is a lot of things to do in your essay. First, you should pay attention on the structure of your study plan, so it is easy to read by the commetee members.

Secondly, you were supposed to write about your theses title and how you`re going to conduct your research in the future, what methology you are going to use.

Also, you selected some subjects that you are going to take are lacking of more details. You should write your motivation and say why it is important to take a speccific subject, how it`s going to assist you in your graduation work.
Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Mar 9, 2019   #3
Carina, if you are applying for the scholarship through the embassy track, then you should not be mentioning a specific university and program within the Goal of Study / Study Plan essay. That information is only required if you are applying through the embassy track. You may want to rethink the essay presentation you have because it is too university specific for the embassy track application. What if you do not get admission to that university? Then you will not be able to gain consideration for admission to other universities. Leave the discussion generalized in terms of university considerations. Be specific about what you plan to study and why it is important to your career. Summarize your academic and professional objectives in a manner that will allow you to show how your growth as a student and professional will progress within the chosen masters course, based specifically on a professional requirement that you have. That way you will be able to explain a true purpose and goal for your studies.

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