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To become a great leader means taking stock of who you are, all your strengths and weaknesses

mohamed4939 1 / 1  
Oct 22, 2017   #1
what'sup guys, this is my answer for leadership question for chevening and i'm looking for your comment and suggestions ... many thanks in advance

empowering leadership skills by meeting other cultures

To begin with, "become a great leader means taking stock of who you are, all your strengths and weaknesses" said robin Sharma. Leadership and influence are words include a lot of personal traits that make people follow you and only you not anyone else. We can summarize those traits in three words, vision, communication and your behavior. First of all you must know what are you heading to? This question needs to be clearly defined to convince others in your vision. To convince others you need to be in communication with them and have a good understanding for their needs so that your vision would be valuable for them and follow you.

My life is full of situations that made me in leadership position require a clear purpose and fully understand what is needed to reach this purpose and influence others to follow me or inspire them to find their purpose in life even.

in 2015 I was a volunteer at a social entrepreneurship foundation works leaded by British council in Egypt. As a leader of the graphic design committee my mission required to inspire my team to create a creative social media campaigns for our social activities. This is not as easy as it looks, it requires a lot of real hard work, requires to inspire your team to do their best even in their hardest times and that couldn't be done without clarifying the value of what we were doing and my vision for the team, create the most amazing and inspirational campaigns that inspire others to join our foundation and help us to gain our purpose, develop slums in our country.

I remember after a few months our foundations faced a hard time would take a part the whole foundation and already many of the members had left the committees. I was believing in the purpose of the foundation a. So I had to lead the rest of us with confidence that we can pass this hard time and make the foundation restore it's position in helping peoples and I might went down but I was optimist that we'll move through again and we did.

At the professional level, one of the situations required to lead a team when I launched my software development company, this period of my life time was the most interesting and I've learnt a lot by myself. Nothing will sharp your skills more than contacting with people in work. I leaded my team through a hard time for my startup to increase our sales by making deals with new clients and be the first choice for their needs. I was communicating with clients and clarify how they would find their needs in our products and why should they choose us at first place. That required team work and Integrity in our dealing with clients.

I believe chevening will empower my leadership skills by meeting other cultures and learn from them

naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
Oct 22, 2017   #2
Hi at the first here are some confusing points for me as a reviewer:
1- in the first paragraph (become a great leader...) this is confusing as well not interesting try to write in another way.
2- in the first paragraph line 3 ( you and only you not anyone else) this is not as good sentence as you write in an academic essay, so informal.

3- last sentence in the first paragraph ( understanding for their needs) try to write in another way
4- in the second paragraph ( two words are completely confusing for me, leadership position and understand)
5- in the third paragraph(social media campaigns )(s)???
and ......
overall your essay is not really ready right now its full of confusing points.
you need to revise your essay and consider two points
try to write one paragraph at the first something about all your leadership and influence skills and two specific examples and then closing paragraph
and the next step try your best to write smooth.
nothing must be unclear in your essay.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3344  
Oct 23, 2017   #3
Mohamed, balance the content of your essay. You have too much details presented about your socio civic activity and not enough about the professional aspect of your leadership and influencing skills. While both of the positions entailed use of your leadership and influencing abilities, the one that will be more of interest to the reviewer is your ability to lead and influence as a professional, rather than a civic leader. While both activities show off your potential to be a leader and influencer in your country, specially on the social side, the professional side is what the Chevening scholarship looks towards building due to the UK interests in your country. Develop at least 2 paragraphs each for the organization and your software development company. That should help to highlight your leadership and networking abilities, regardless of the situation that you find yourself in. Truth be told this is one of the strongest draft essays I have read here for this particular topic. So I know that you have the potential to catch the eye of the reviewer, provided you can develop the strongest presentation possible for this essay.

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