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Benefits to home country for application for a commonwealth shared scholarship

inok26 5 / 16  
Feb 19, 2016   #1
I am at the verge of submitting an application for the above named scholarship. just to be sure of the statement I have provided, I would appreciate if the members of this forum would kindly review my piece and advice were adjustment can be made. thanks

Home Country Shared Scholarship Benefits


I have had to put off writing this statement a number of times, no thanks to the erratic power supply situation currently plaguing Nigeria. The generation and supply of adequate electricity to an estimated 170 million people, has been an effort in futility by successive governments for many years. Consequently, this has drastically hindered socio-economic development leading to an increased rate of unemployment among the teeming youths. Constant reliance on power generating sets (popularly called generators) which uses fossil fuel, to generate this much needed electricity has resulted in adverse environmental nuisance such as noise and air pollution, thus escalating the effects of global warming.

This lack of stable electricity power supply is the biggest problem in Nigeria needing urgent attention if Nigeria hopes to achieve its vision 20-2020. Therefore, one of the ways I feel Nigeria can solve this energy problems is by exhibiting aggressive interest in developing its energy mix to include renewable energy, particularly; solar energy technology and also to develop its manpower capacity in this area.

This is the reason I am applying to be awarded a COMMONWEALTH SHARED SCHOLARSHIP to pursue a master's degree in XXXXXXXX university and adapt the knowledge in developing this sector.

The Nigerian government faces a lot of pressures among which are; creating jobs for the unemployed, providing stable electricity, formulating policies to enhance investments and economic growth in addition to its primary role of safe guarding lives and properties of citizens, these have made it increasingly difficult to focus on developing the renewable energy sector. Hence, this scholarship will afford me the opportunity of being trained to act as a development catalyst in this sector by contributing acquired skills.

At conclusion of this course, I hope to have gained enough exposure and acquired the skills set needed to optimally harness the vast potentials of renewable energy resources in Nigeria. This program will also increase my understanding of the generation and provision of solar electricity.

The skills and knowledge I shall gather will make it possible to enhance my professionalism on energy matters and establish myself as an entrepreneur, specializing in the provision of solar generated electricity particularly to rural dwellers, making electricity more accessible rurally (a goal the Department for International Development (DFID) seeks to achieve by 2030). The benefits of this will be an improved standard of living and a fast-track in achieving the Energy Africa Campaign of DFID.

The CSC can keep track of my involvements by maintaining close contact via email even after the award period. On my part, I shall willingly provide accurate information that will aid in gauging the impact I am making towards development. Furthermore, in the occasion that I am employed, the CSC is at liberty to seek information from my employer regarding my contributions in that sector.

I strongly hope to be awarded this scholarship to actualize my dream of enhancing myself professionally and contributing to a better developed Nigeria and Africa at large.

Objectives during the award;

Some specific objectives which I hope to achieve during the award period are;
-To develop proficient technical and managerial skills set in solar power generation with which to function effectively in the specific sector of my interest back in Nigeria so as to enhance its development.

- To consolidate on my leadership skills and potentials so I can effectively take up key leadership and responsibility positions to influence better decisions/policy making in energy related matters with the goal of encouraging more investments in this sector.

- To develop an international network of professionals to keep in touch with during the course of my life and career advancement prospect.

Career plans in 5 years following the award
In the five (5) years following the conclusion of this award, I shall strive utilize the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from this qualification as a young professional engineer to proffer solutions to Nigeria's power/energy problems, by harnessing the vast potentials of renewable energy resources. Because of the passion I have to see Nigeria enjoy stable electricity, this plan would be of immense and immediate benefit to her in ensuring better economic and living standard. Within this period also, I will strive to build increased proficiency and professionalism in my chosen field of endeavor.

Long term career plans
After years of practicing and gaining professional expertise, I hope to venture into entrepreneurship by establishing an Energy Solutions company with particular focus on solar renewable energy technology provision and installation. Additionally, I hope to engage in the training of young and aspiring individuals to serve as a transfer medium to enable them acquire such skills, thereby empowering them in the process. This would be my way of giving back to the society and ensuring sustainability of development in this area.
Crystal812 23 / 55 11  
Feb 20, 2016   #2
Hi, inok,

I am totally moved by your essay. I believe you will fulfill your dream in the future.

However, I have a little suggestion. Regarding the leadership part, people tend to connect to group work in the mind, those associations and collaborations. How about giving more details in this aspect to perfect the passage?

Wish you success!
OP inok26 5 / 16  
Feb 21, 2016   #3
Thanks Crystal812 for your kind comments. I shall implement your suggestion. But did you observe any grammatical blunder in my write up? soon to reviews yours.

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