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Chevening Career Plan - Social Enterprise

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Nov 4, 2018   #1
Hi all, this is my Career Plan essay for Chevening scholarship. Any input in appreciated, thanks!

Career Plan in the short and long term

Chevening is looking for individuals who have a clear post-study career plan. Please outline your immediate plans upon returning home and your longer term career goals. You may wish to consider how these relate to what the UK government is doing in your country

In 2016, the UK Prosperity Funds provided Malaysia approximately RM4.85 million to strengthen its inclusive and sustainable economy and green technology, which are in line with the Government's 11th Malaysia Plan. While Malaysia is making its way to higher-income country, unfortunately, not all communities benefit from the wealth of the country.

The Malaysia's Millennium Development Goals Report (2015) indicates that the poverty rate (30.4%) of Orang Asli is noticeably higher than the national rates (0.6%). This may be one of the obstacles for the country to achieve high-income nation status by 2024. The United Nations have identified that education and gender are two game-changers for poverty reduction in Malaysia. In the light of this, my immediate post-return plan is to join Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-kanak Malaysia (SUKA Society), a United Nations Malaysia Award receiver in 2015. The reason I choose SUKA Society as my first post-return stop is because their works align with my career objectives - empowering Orang Asli through education. Moreover, the Orang Asli groups they are currently supporting are my target beneficiaries for my long-term plans. Alongside the educational projects of SUKA Society, I will initiate a training and livelihood programme in order to equip the young Orang Asli with essential skills once they complete their education. My experience working with the marginalised communities in Nepal has taught me that only through self-sustainability can disadvantaged groups uplift themselves from an unfavourable economic position. Therefore, I will leverage on the experience, skills and knowledge gained from my master's course and my employment in the development sector in Nepal and to identify potential enterprise models and employment opportunities for young Orang Asli.

In the long term, I will establish a social enterprise - (name of social enterprise), which integrates Orang Asli handicraft skills and the natural resources in Malaysia to manufacture eco-friendly and reusable sanitary pads. These menstruation products will be handmade by Orang Asli women using the organic cotton yarn produced by local farmers, preferably Orang Asli farmers, dedicating to the promotion of menstrual hygiene and sustainable development. It is recorded that a total of 2400 tonnes of menstrual waste is produced every year in Malaysia, yet the government has no recycling solution or waste management to tackle this issue. Therefore, reusable menstruation products may be the best solution to the growing waste problem. While working with SUKA Society, I will participate in the Investment Ready Program 'Encouraging Future Generations' by Allianz and Impact Hub. This is a unique acceleration program, tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs aiming to foster social inclusion of children and youth in Brazil, Germany, Malaysia and Turkey, and the winner will receive an award of Euro 40,000. Both my immediate and ultimate career plans of creating a sustainable economy for socially disadvantaged communities in Malaysia not only are in line with the interests of Chevening, but also related to the recent support by the UK government. (477 words)
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Nov 6, 2018   #2
Yun, for the benefit of the reviewer who may or may not be familiar with the UK agency participation in your country, you will need to better define what the SUKA Society is all about. Create a better connection between that society and the UK agency programs in your country. I am not very clear on what agencies are active within your profession and how you can help to promote the UK projects in your country. There is an unnecessary focus on the SUKA society in my opinion, which totally negated the more important presentation of your ability to help promote UK programs while strengthening the relationship of the 2 countries.

The post study plan must present a clear reference as to how your newly acquired knowledge and skills will help you advance in your career while also providing you with an opportunity to give back to the Chevening Scholarship by working with your British counterparts either within the UK agency or through the Chevening community in your area. What is lacking in this essay is a clear reference to an existing and ongoing project in your country that the UK sponsors, which you will also be able to participate in either as a volunteer or through a collaboration with your own organization. Don't discuss the European Union contest, focus on the UK, specially since BREXIT is ongoing so any reference to the EU will not help you create an impressive essay.

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