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Chevening Essay - Leadership and Influence - Lead a collaborative effort and develop the team

auzan 1 / -  
Oct 16, 2023   #1
Hi, I hope you can give me some feedback on my essay.

Leadership and Influence

A leader is someone who can lead a collaborative effort and develop the team they lead. My leadership experience in a professional setting began with my work as an administrative and social media staff of the Regional Board of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association, Aceh Region where in 2022 I was given additional duties to become a publication and technical committee for the Annual Scientific Week and Regional Conference of the Board. The event is divided into two. The Annual Scientific Week will be held for two days with 300 participants and 6 expert panellists from Indonesia and abroad. On the second day, the Regional Conference was attended by 23 branch heads of the Association throughout Aceh. I realized that I could not work alone in the success of the publication and technical needs of such a large event. Forming a team was the right choice to complete this event successfully. To accomplish that, I asked for a discussion with the Chairperson to be allowed to recruit a team from among pharmacy students who were active in the organization. This criterion was based on my experience as chairman of the USK Pharmacy Student Association in 2019, that the success of large events requires good cooperation between teams and awareness of their respective duties and positions. Through that position, I also knew several people who I thought were reliable enough to be recruited for the event. The Chairperson eventually approved the proposal and I became the supervisor of the student team.

Before the event, I divided the team into a technical section and a publicity section. The technical team would be responsible for fulfilling the essential needs of the event such as data collection of participants, preparation of materials and preparation of venue facilities. The publication team will be responsible for preparing publication materials and managing the event streaming on the organization's channel. I think that the following simple things will determine the course of the event, to anticipate the possibility that the core committee of the organization cannot handle it. To avoid miscommunication between the division I formed and the core committee, I invite the team to be involved in every preparatory meeting held by the core committee. Outside of these meetings, there are divisional meetings that I set up to see how far they have prepared and find out the needs that these students would need in carrying out their duties to be reported at the core meeting.

Through the steps above, the event was finally successfully implemented with a good level of enthusiasm by the participants of the Annual Scientific Week and conducive Regional Conference between branches. The good performance of the team during the event made me trusted to take care of various teams again at the next event such as the Inauguration and Scientific Workshop of 2023. The last team that I formed, thankfully grew where some team members were trusted to participate in other projects from the networking they formed during the event in our team.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Oct 25, 2023   #2
Through that position, I also knew several people who I thought were reliable enough to be recruited for the event.

This is a networking reference. it does not work well in the context and requirement of this essay. You can edit the presentation to remove that part. Do not get the college aspect too involved in this discussion. You need to focus on the professional side because that is what matters to the reviewer. Your professional leadership abilities must be highlighted and not confused with any other lower event.

The discussion is too perfect. There is no conflict resolution in the presentation. Conflict resolution is one of the key skills of a leader. You may want to reconsider presenting a cookie cutter perfect presentation. That does not show your leadership skills off to the reviewer in the correct manner.

Home / Scholarship / Chevening Essay - Leadership and Influence - Lead a collaborative effort and develop the team
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