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Chevening leadership skills, my essay in answering this question

nashwa 1 / -  
Oct 30, 2017   #1

gaining leadership skills

I believe that i have got leadership skills since my childhood as i used to be chosen during most of my academic years to lead a team representing our school in comprehensive school competitions. I was also a captain of my secondary school`s team of handball for two successive years. During years of elementary and preparatory school, i was chosen by elections to be a Secretary of the Student Union for more than five times electoral cycles. During years of university, I was interested in gathering my colleagues in volunteer working as we have achieved a lot of goals in helping poor patients. We succeeded in convincing many of our professors in faculty of medicine to share in that volunteer work by their own science and experience.

In my work, I can manage leading my junior doctors and nursing team and encourage them to be decision makers under their senior`s supervision.

I`d like to mention my role in voluntary foundation of Egyptian Blood Bank. I joined it since 2012 as a volunteer and by 2013, i was promoted to share leadership with Mr. Ahmed Zaghlol. I`m proud of managing such great foundation as we succeeded in helping thousands of patients throughout Egypt. We succeeded in building a database for blood donners which helps us to contact them for organizing the process of blood donation. We succeeded to do health educational campaigns to increase the awareness by benefits of blood donation. We are now a foundation with good reputation and well known among a wide sector of Egyptian people.

I believe that i have the ability to communicate very well with my team members and clearly explain goals and tasks. I always insist to make every member aware about his role and i never get annoyed by their questions. In my work, i`m very well known by my ability to motivate others and create a positive environment in work.

I`m wishing to earn more leadership skills from Chevening scholarship.

afitri 3 / 4 1  
Oct 31, 2017   #2
Hello Nashwa, you have to give more evidence of leadership in profesional work. So the first paragraph is not related at all. You should develop 2nd paragraph and build a story of how you leading your junior doctor and nursing team. Make a strong story about this one.

I hope it can help you. Good luck!!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Oct 31, 2017   #3
Nashwa, there are two aspects of this essay that you should develop upon the removal of the first paragraph. The first, is an expanded discussion of how you manage your junior doctors and nursing team. How do you lead and influence them in a pressure charged situation at the hospital? Why do they look to you for leadership? How do you influence their decision making process? Why is it important that you influence them properly? For the next paragraph, use the Egyptian Blood Bank Reference as this foundation still qualifies as a profession related leadership and influencing skills. Explain what leadership qualities you displayed that led to your shared leadership promotion. Remove the "we" reference though and change those to "I". Think about which projects to were directly involved in as a leader and then use that in the paragraph. Don't forget, you need to display an influencing skill also. You don't have one at the moment.

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